Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ryan Malone 'baffled' at cocaine find

Ryan Malone’s story doesn’t pass the smell test. Seriously, I am sure drugs just jumped into this back pocket or someone happened to pass by and stashed the contraband in his back pocket. Frankly, this is a disappointing story. Ryan Malone now looks just as stupid as the criminal element on the television show COPS.
Joe Smith, Tampa Bay Times — When a Tampa police officer pulled a bag of cocaine out of Ryan Malone's back pocket during an April 11 DUI arrest, the then-Lightning wing appeared stunned.

"Oh my God," he told officer Andrew Visser.

Malone, 34, waived his Miranda rights and told Visser he didn't know where the 1.3 grams of cocaine came from, according to discovery documents the Tampa Bay Times received Tuesday through a public records request.

Malone told Visser he didn't believe the officer planted the drugs on him, according to the documents, but he was "baffled" because he was wearing the same jeans for three days.

"I asked where it came from," Visser wrote in his report. "And he said he was just shocked."

Malone, who is facing charges of DUI and cocaine possession, could work out a plea deal at his next court date, Aug. 19. Malone, riding with a female friend and his brother, was pulled over after he struck a curb on W Platt Street. Malone initially refused a field sobriety test but submitted to a blood alcohol test at booking (0.112 and 0.116); the state presumes impairment at 0.08.
Word of advice, if you’re pulled over by the cops and they find something illegal on you or in your can, keep your mouth shut. Or better yet, don't get involved in illegal activity. I would imagine that he Saint Cloud State University is real proud of their former Husky.

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