Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ontario County Sheriff Philip C. Povero statement on Canandaigua Track Death

This is an ugly incident that will leave a scar on dirt track racing for some time to come. There's also a moral to the story, do not approach a competitors race car on an active race track. Finally, Tony Stewart will not be racing today at Watkins Glen.
The car driven by Tony Stewart collided with and killed a rival driver (Kevin Ward Jr.) Saturday night during a sprint car race at Canandaigua Motorsports Park.

Stewart and the driver, who was not identified by Ontario County Sheriffs, got into an accident during the green flag portion of the race. The driver got out of his vehicle and came down the track towards the field circling under caution. He pointed and gestured angrily at Stewart.

When Stewart drove by, the driver was hit by Stewart's rear right tire and thrown a few yards down the track. The accident happened at approximately 10:30pm. The driver was taken by ambulance to Thompson Hospital in Canandaigua where he was pronounced dead on arrival at 11:15pm. (Rochester Home Page Net)

Here's the link to Kevin Ward Jr's web site.

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  1. This county....I had a dwi in this county,straight to state prison....someone blatantly kills another human being on a race track,no criminal charges?I'm a fan of Tony Stewart's,but c'mon Mr. Tantillo......this is a slap in the face of the Ward family!!!!!!!


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