Thursday, July 03, 2014

Updated: Free Agent Signing

Santorelli, Mike, C, Vancouver, Toronto, 1.5M, one year

Strachen, Tyson, D, Washington, Buffalo, 600K, one year

Fiddler, Vernon, C, Dallas, Dallas, 2.5m, two years

Gleason, Tim, D, Toronto, Carolina, $1.2M, one year

Vrbata, Radim, RW, Phoenix, Vancouver, $10M, two years

Stortini, Zack, RW, Anaheim, Philadelphia, n/a, one year

McClement, Jay, C, Toronto, Carolina, $1M, one year  

Fiddler, Vernon, C, Dallas, Dallas, $2.5M, two years

Schultz, Nick, D, Columbus, Philadelphia, $1.25M, one year

Kulemin, Nikolai, RW, Toronto, Islanders, $16.75M, four years

Grabovski, Mikhail, C, Washington, Islanders, $20M, four years

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