Friday, July 11, 2014

NHL Hockey: Updated Free Agent Signing

Jul 11 Morrow, Brendan, LW, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, $1.55M, one year

Jul 10 Smith, Trevor, C, Toronto, Toronto, one year

Jul 10 Hannan, Scott, D, San Jose, San Jose, n/a, one year

Jul 10 Lerg, Bryan, LW, Colorado, San Jose, n/a, one year  

Jul 10 Haley, Micheal, C, NY Rangers, San Jose, n/a, one year  

Jul 10 Cleary, Dan, LW, Detroit, Detroit, $1.5M, one year  

Jul 10 Ott, Steve, C, St. Louis, St. Louis, $5.2M, two years  

Jul 9 Heatley, Dany, LW, Minnesota, Anaheim, $1M, one year

Jul 8 Grant, Alex, D, Ottawa,Ottawa, n/a, one year  

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