Thursday, June 05, 2014

NCAA Hockey: New Rules

The NCAA Ice Hockey Rules committee has been meeting this week, and these are the rules changes that they came up with.
Hand Pass by Faceoff Player – The players taking a faceoff are not allowed to use their hand to play the puck. A violation of this rule will result in a minor penalty, similar to the NHL rule.

Faceoff Procedure – The defending team’s faceoff player shall be required to put the stick down first. Previously, the attacking team was required to do so. Center ice faceoffs will continue to require the visiting team to put the stick down first.

Goal pegs – Ten-inch goal pegs that are anchored into the ice or floor must be in place at all NCAA levels by the 2016-17 season.

Faceoff Location – Offensive Scoring Opportunity: If the offensive team is attempting to score and the puck goes out of play – the faceoff will remain in the attacking zone.

Faceoff Location – High stick/hand pass: In these cases, the ensuing faceoff will be one zone closer to offending team’s goal.

Video Replay – Several changes were made to the criteria and process:

It is reviewable to determine if a goal was scored before a penalty occurred.

If an offsides or too many men on the ice penalty is missed and a goal is scored, it is reviewable until the puck leaves the offensive zone. This replaces the previous wording that only allowed the review to occur if the missed play directly led to a goal.

It was clarified that video review may be used without the restriction of games that are being broadcast on television.

Penalty Shot/Shootout – During a shootout or penalty shot, if the goal becomes dislodged by the goalkeeper, the referee shall either award a goal (if intentional or if the goal was obvious and imminent) or allow the team to shoot again.

Penalty Shot – If a player that is awarded a penalty shot is injured and unable to take the shot, one of the players on the ice at the time of the infraction shall be chosen to shoot.

Look-Up Line – The committee approved the use of a warning-track style line intended to positively impact safety near the boards. The use of this line will not be mandatory, but is permissible.
One of the new rule changes that I like is the new rule where if the net becomes dislodged during a penalty shot or shootout, the referee “shall” award a goal or another shot to the shooter. Last season, when Minnesota was playing Michigan State the game was tied and the two teams went to a shootout. With the game tied 2-2, Michigan State forward Joe Cox appeared to have scored a good goal during the shootout. However, after further review, the referee ruled that Gopher goalie Adam Wilcox knocked the net off its' moorings before Cox scored. (Video below).  

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