Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Does Taylor leaving NDSU change anything?

With Gene Taylor leaving Moo-U for the University of Iowa, one has to wonder if anything will have changed? Will UND and NDSU finally get to play in football? It will be interesting to see if NDSU will continue to insist on having all of the games at the Fargo Dome. Just for the record, UND went 6-0 against NDSU in all other sports. Obviously, NDSU is at the pinnacle of the FCS football ranks right now, but it would be awesome to see the two teams play again.
Tom Miller, Inforum.com -- Taylor’s move to deputy director of athletics at the University of Iowa – the newly created No. 2 position in the department – also breathes new life into the negotiations for the renewal of the University of North Dakota-NDSU football game.

The UND-Bison football rivalry has been on hold since 2003, when NDSU made the move up from Division II and UND stayed behind until joining the Division I ranks in 2007.

The recent negotiations between UND athletic director Brian Faison and Taylor certainly seemed to be at a stalemate, as was revealed by the Grand Forks Herald during an open records request of their email exchanges last month.

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