Friday, May 23, 2014

(Video) Rangers Daniel Carcillo Car Bombed by the NHL, Prust and Dorsett fight

Today, the NHL car bombed Daniel Carcillo. The Rangers pugilist has been suspended for 10 games for his abuse of an NHL official, I think the suspension should be 20 games. There's no excuse for pushing, hitting and or elbowing an NHL linesman or referee.

Looking at the video, this was in the first six minutes of the first period of game three. I included the P.K. Subban and Derek Dorsett exchange. It almost looks like a slew-foot. There was no penalty on the play.

The fight between Dorsett and Brandon Prust is per the hockey code. I don’t have a problem with this fight, and in this instance the code worked. Prust took out one of the Montreal Canadiens with a dirty hit, Dorset challenged him to a fight and Prust accepted the challenge.
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