Sunday, May 11, 2014

Non Boston Bruins Fans: Why do you hate the Bruins?

I figured it would be a good day to have an open forum. I might be painting with a broad brush, but I have come to the realization that a lot of NHL hockey fans hate the Boston Bruins, for whatever reason. So, I would like to conduct some informal, nonscientific research to see why. Here's your chance to give your opinion. Comparing the Bruins to other franchises, it’s amazing how much hate the Bruins get from other fan bases. You don't see this reaction to the Minnesota Wild, unless it comes from the Denver Post beat writers.

Some fans call them the dirtiest franchise in the NHL… Those are the exact words of one of my buddies. Who happens to be a Penguins fan.

Bruins pest extraordinaire Brad Marchand seems to draw a lot of hate from opposition fans, some of it earned.

Bruins tough guy Milan Lucic, isn’t well liked by other fan bases, especially by Habs’ fans. I would also be willing to be that Les Habitants' defenseman Alexei Emelin isn’t going to be sending Looch a Christmas card during the holidays. Personally, I can't stand the rouge, blanc, bleu and I am a know Montreal Canadiens hater.

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