Thursday, May 22, 2014

IIHF Hockey: Proposed Rule Changes

I was looking at some of the proposed IIHF hockey rule changes and I think these changes would actually set the game backwards. Getting rid of the no-touch icing, is a horrible idea.

Also, re-introducing the red-Line offsides is another bad idea that would probably slow the game down. I just hope that the NCAA and the NHL doesn't decide that they need to have these rules too. s/t to the Hockey news and the IIHF. 
The IIHF Rule Book is revised every four years and for the 2014 IIHF Annual Congress 86 proposals for 57 rules came together from five committees and several IIHF member national associations.
Some major proposals that will be individually discussed and voted on include:
to standardize the dimensions of the ice surface
to move the goal line closer to the end of the rink (from 4 to 3.3 metres)
**the reinstatement of the red-line offside
**the introduction of touch icing
to move the blue line in order to standardize and also increase the offensive zones
to remove the “cheater piece” of goalkeepers’ catching gloves
to double the penalty for goalkeeper interference to 2+2 minutes
to penalize any deliberate grabbing, twisting or holding of an opponent’s head with a major penalty
to forbid bass drums at ice rinks in addition to air horns and whistles already mentioned in the current rule book.
that goalkeepers cannot freeze the puck if the shot originates from outside the blue line
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