Sunday, April 13, 2014

Union takes home the title

Wow! What a game last night. IMHO, this was one of the better Frozen Four championship games that I have seen. Some might say that the improbable happened last night. Union College with one NHL draft choice, and no scholarships, beat the mighty Golden Gophers 7-4. Just for the record, the Gophers have 14 NHL draft choices on their roster.

Junior defenseman Shane Gostisbehere is the only player on the Dutchmen’s roster that is drafted by an NHL team (Philadelphia 2012). After his play this past weekend, there’s also a good chance that the Flyers will want Gostisbehere to sign a professional contract, soon.
If you’re a regular college hockey fan, you will know that this wasn’t a fluke. Union came into last night’s game on a 16-0-1 run, and the Dutchmen hadn’t lost since January 31, 2014. Union has a knack for beating the big-time, high-profile teams. Over the last two seasons, the Dutchmen have ended the Boston College Eagles season. This year only reinforces that the ECAC is becoming the premiere, power-house conference in college hockey. That's two titles, in two seasons, not too shabby.

Union has a very veteran lineup with five seniors on their roster. The average age of their senior class is 23 years old. I have seen some making an issue of the Dutchmen’s age, but I don’t see a problem with it.
Just for the record, the average age of the Union is 21years and 11 months old. The average of the Minnesota Gophers is 21 years and two months old. There’s not too much difference in age.

Union will lose five seniors, Daniel Carr (22g-28a—50pts), Mat Bodie (8g-31a—39pts), Kevin Sullivan (9g-29a—38pts), Matt Hatch (13g-9a—22pts), Cole Ikkala (2g-2a—4pts).
Congrats to the Gophers and the Dutchmen on a great season.

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  1. Not going to cry sour grapes about the age thing, Union was the better team on the ice, not much doubt about that. But to correct the age factor you dismiss, the average age of the Union team is 21 years 11 months. The average age of the starting line up of 20 players is much higher than that, just check their roster. The roster lists 31 players which their averaging that 21 Years and 11 months over, and most of their players play a year or two of junior hockey first. I don't know the Union roster very well, but I think it's a fair assumption that most of the 11 on the roster who aren't on the 20 man starting roster are freshmen. The actual age of the starting roster for Union is probably closer to 22 and 1/2, which essentially would make them all fifth year seniors if they came straight from high school. The Gophers line up was 40% Freshmen that are 19 or 20 years old. Again, Union beat them, they were the better team. But to say the age factor wasn't a factor is probably not accurate or at least is giving misleading information.


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