Sunday, April 06, 2014

Sunday afternoon Pontifications

I am surprised at after all of these years, four to be exact, this hit is still a topic discussion on message boards. This check in question happened on March 13, 2010. Yep, no doubt it, this was a bad,and dangerous hit, but Frattin is no Matt Cooke and he was given a one-game suspension for this hit. I laugh at the suggestions that he should be thrown out of hockey for life.

Also, contrary to public opinion, North Dakota is no longer a bunch of knuckle dragging  Neanderthal  goons, as some opposition fans like to call them. They're not angels either. UND is ranked 18 out of 59 teams in Penalty Minutes, and averages 12.9 minutes per game. Compared to team of the past, that's not very high.

If you haven't been paying attention to UND hockey, they've changed the way they play. Gone are the big thumpers, UND is now more of a skating team, they play a smart tenacious checking game. Defensively, UND is the top scoring defensive teams in the nation, averaging  2.76 points per game.

This kind of piggy backs Brad's tweet. I always liked the argument that the Xcel Energy Center is not a home game for the Minnesota Gophers. Yep, and Worcester isn't a home game for the Eagles either right?  The Xcel Energy Center is about seven miles from the University of Minnesota's campus.

Breaking it down further, after winning the 2014 NCAA West Regional, the Minnesota Golden Gophers are now 23-13-0 all-time at the Xcel Energy Center. That's a .639 winning percentage. The Gophers had a (3-1-1, .700) record this season, their only loss, was to the Ohio State Buckeyes (3-1)in the Big Ten Hockey Tourney.
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  1. Who said Frattin should be thrown out for life? Any quotes?

    The Gophers played at Yost in 2002 Regional, beating CC then won National Championship over Michigan in semis and Maine in the finals at Xcel. I guess Schlossman must have missed that year somehow.

    1. Schloss started with 2003... I have seen many boned headed comments on GPL and USCHO saying that Frattin should have been fan for the rest of the and many saying for life too.

      From Brad's tweet...
      Since NCAA went to current format in 2003, Minnesota & BC are 19-1 in regionals in their home state, 7-8 in regionals out of state.


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