Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hum, lets keep it classy - LOL!

UND hockey makes Dead Spin ... Someone posted this article on Sioux Sports. When I was reading it, I found this comment from a Gopher fan that I thought was hilarious, if not classic. Let's just call it comedy gold. I am actually proud of him, his comment hit all of the clichés and stereotypes. None of which are correct.

I have a sense of humor and I chuckled when I read it. According to this guy, North Dakota must be a horrible place to visit and live. I guess this guy must not be a fan of the assistant coach of the Golden Gophers. You know the guy that helped the Golden Gophers win a national title. That same guy just happens to be from Grand Forks, ND. If North Dakota is such a horrible place, why are there so many blue license plates in the state during ducks season? Thanks for the laugh...
zstradamusU said... Duke/North Carolina, Ohio State/Michigan, Auburn/Alabama- Everyone take a big step back....For the 98% of Americans that do not pay attention to college hockey, let me tell you that this is possibly the best rivalry all of college sports over the last 10 years. Dead serious. There was once a league called the WCHA and these two teams spilled a lot of blood.

Let me tell you one more thing: there is nothing worse than the North Dakota fan. Nothing rivals their inbrededness and complete lack of class. Nothing anywhere. The most intolerable fans on the planet. Thank God there are only about 10,000 of them.

Imagine if a Kentucky basketballl fan high on Oxy and Robotussin conceived a child with an Ohio State fan that was drunk off Natty Light with a blood-alcohol level of 0.38. Now imagine the Ohio State fan maintains that blood-alcohol level during her entire pregnancy. That baby would grow up to be a North Dakota hockey fan.

You know the fan that will yell obscenities all game, depsite the fact that there are a group of 3rd graders right in front of them? That's the North Dakota fan.

Or the fans that will defend a Nazi sympathizer and all-out bigot because he funds their arena? Those are North Dakota fans.

And how great is it when they win titles with a bunch of 22 year-old "freshman" from Canada and a roster filled with Minnesota kids, yet they deride and piss on Minnesota at every opportunity. Way to go, North Dakota.

Fracking....North Dakota

Jesus Camp: The Documentary (and real thing) .....North Dakota.

Nothing Good Ever Came Out Of......North Dakota.

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