Monday, March 10, 2014

NHL considering video review

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Awesome idea. I wish the NCAA would consider doing this as well. Refs are human and make mistakes. As long as they don't slow the game down, I am all for it.
Mark Spector, Sports Net -- Here’s the deal on NHL refs: They get 95 percent of the calls right. And on the five percent they don’t, they know 95 percent of the time that they might be wrong.

You’ve heard of the referee who goes into the dressing room in between periods to watch a replay of a certain call? Why do you think he’s looking at it again? Because he thinks he might have screwed it up.

“The guys on the ice have a real sense of when something doesn’t smell right,” Director of Officiating Stephen Walkom told Sportsnet Monday, after he took part in a discussion on whether the on-ice officials should be able to initiate video reviews or not. “There are just certain times where a referee calls a penalty. He thinks he has a (number) six but it’s really 16. Guys come to him and say, ‘You sure you have the right number?’ It doesn’t stop the game. It just gets the right guy.”
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