Monday, March 17, 2014

College Hockey: Monday Pontifications (Links)

Well the NCHC is probably excited that at least one of their top seeds made the Frozen Face-off. UND is the highest seed to make it to the Target Center. We have the 1, 5, 6, 8 seeds advancing to the NCHC's Frozen Face-off.  C.C. UMD, UNO and SCSU will be staying home this season. No schools from Minnesota will be in the Frozen Face-off this season. I am not sure this is what the founding member schools of the NCHC envisioned when they formed the league.

According to Brad Schlossman, he thinks that UND might still need to win the Frozen Face-off to make the NCAA tourney. I guess we're  soon going to find out. UND just needs to keep winning or their season is going to be over anyways. The time for talking is over, it time for UND to make hay.  

 Jeff Cox from College Hockey SBN has UND going to Cincinnati. I think that many UND fans would take that bracket.

The Brackets are set for the Inaugural B1G tourney and the Big Ten (-4) Hockey Tourney starts on Thursday. Penn State will try to beat Michigan for a third time this season. But I don’t think that happens a third time, the Wolverines are going to be ready this time.

North Dakota Exhales after Pulling out game three against Colorado College...

Colorado College Defeats UND in O.T.

UND scores four unanswered goals, Takes game one...    

C.C.'s Season Ending Loss Much Like Others this Season...

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