Friday, January 10, 2014

UND Hockey: Paisley Nails it.

Joe Paisley from the Colorado Springs Gazette has an interesting post in his blog this week. Check it out.  Stay tuned for our previously scheduled meltdown.
1. North Dakota's decline unfounded

If it's the holidays, it must be time for concerned North Dakota fans to air their angst on message broads and article comments through the upper Midwest. The red flags are waving a bit with North Dakota (9-7-2, 5-5 NCHC) entering this league series unranked and coming off a 1-1 weekend after two road exhibition games.

"They are really exaggerated," said CBS Sports Network analyst Dave Starman, who has worked several UND games this season. "The injury factor to (senior forward Mark) MacMillan and (junior Brendan) O'Donnell is a big deal and the fact that they have so many freshman defensemen. It took a while for those guys to assimilate to college hockey and learning what playing college hockey in North Dakota is all about."

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