Saturday, December 14, 2013

Vancouver Canucks: Zach Kassian no-class....

I would say that Zach Kassian is taunting an opponent. A bush league move in my opinion. Here's what Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy has to say on the matter.
Gagner faced the Canucks for the first time this season on Friday night. At one point, the teams were involved in a scrum that included his former oral surgeon Kassian.

Because hockey is a nasty, twisted psychological war in which nearly every topic can be weaponized for agitation, Kassian looked over at Gagner went … there.
Kassian is pretty much a meat head, a player that I would classify as a rat. Said "Rat" averages 11.16 minutes a game and has scored (17g-11a—28pts) in 111 NHL games. When one of your team mates punch him in his big mouth, he wins. In this case, this clown deserves it. I think hockey is starting to gain a punk mentality like the other major sports.

In this case, I think he performed with in his niche is to be an agitator, to do bush league moves like this. This season, said Rat has been already suspended five-games for breaking the jaw of Oilers forward Sam Gagner. That's why he was wearing the shield protecting his jaw.

This is one of the reasons I don't want to ever want see fighting taken out of the NHL. This clown needs to be looking over his shoulder. If fighting is removed or curtailed from the NHL, the "Rats" like this clown will flourish. Imagine if there's no fighting in the NHL? These types of incidents will lead to further random acts of violence. Eventually, someone will chop him head first into boards and he will probably end up being carried off of the ice on a stretcher.

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