Sunday, November 10, 2013

NCHC Age factor

I thought that I would explore this age factor further. Here’s the average age of each team of the National Collegiate Hockey Conference and the current standings.

NCHC Current Standings
1     University of Nebraska-Omaha, average age 21.9
1   Saint Cloud State University,  average age 21.9
3   Western Michigan University, average age 21.6
     Miami University, average age 21.1
5   University of Denver, average age 21.1
6   Colorado College, average age 21.1
7   University of North Dakota, average age, 21.2
     Minnesota Duluth, average age 21.3

The average age of a hockey player in the NCHC is 21.4 years old. Looking at the numbers, UND is right there, age wise, with the rest of the teams in the NCHC. Just for comparison sake, UMN average age is 20.9. 
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