Tuesday, September 17, 2013

NHL to use new Nets

The NHL is going to use a new net this season. Here's a picture of that new net. I wish sometimes they would just leave the game alone and just play hockey.
NHL.COM --- Gone is the traditional rounded "elbow" of the goal cage and now, replaced by a shorter angle according to the NHL, which gives the net a squared look.

The padding inside the apron of the net has also been trimmed, allowing officials a better look at pucks that may have approached or just crossed the goal line. The NHL thinks this change will allow for better efficiency in real-time goal calls and also in video reviews, which were sometimes hindered by thick padding inside the net.

It's been two days of practice with the new-look nets, and though there are multiple small changes, the one thing that some players mentioned is how they look to a shooter's eye.

"I think the biggest thing is that it looks like a bigger net, to be honest with you," Nick Foligno told BlueJackets.com
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