Thursday, May 16, 2013

Raffi Torres suspended the rest of the second round

I said this the other day. --> I don't know... Raffi Torres doesn't leave his feet, he keeps his elbow in and he attempts to hit him in the torso, I think this call is based on reputation. Just for the record, I am not a Sharks fan by any stretch, I think the Chris Kelly elbow on James van Riemsdyk was worse and there wasn't a suspension for that hit. I am not saying that Torres doesn't deserve a suspension, he does, but in this case I think the league is piling on and is going to make an example out of Torres like they did with Matt Cooke.

I am going to stand by these comments. Raffi Torres is a reckless player, but he has cleaned up his act, a bit this year. I don't think that this hit is worthy of a 4-6 game suspension. This hit is worthy of a suspension. But whatever. 

I am going to pose a question; what if this was the Kings Dustin Brown laying this hit on the Sharks Patrick Marleau or Joe Pavelski, how long of a suspension would he get for the same hit? Has he not made some of the same kinds of plays only to escape suspension? Thoughts? 
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