Sunday, May 05, 2013

Dion Phaneuf’s High Hit On Daniel Paille

Obviously, we have heard of no hearing or potential suspension upcoming for Toronto defenseman Dion Phaneuf’s high, questionable hit on Boston forward Daniel Paille during Game 2 Saturday night in Boston. The Bruins have to pick their spots against Phaneuf, because he really isn't known for dropping the gloves either, he likes to hide behind his half shield and the Bruins don't want to get an unnecessary penalty for taking a run at Phaneuf. Getting the win in the series is more important than evening a score against Phaneuf.

This is the reason that I want to see the instigator hit removed from the game of hockey. I think if a player had to answer for their hits on the ice more often. There would be less of these high hits to the head region. I no problem with players that want to play a hitting game – hitting is part of the game of hockey, but you can hit people hard without hitting them in the head.
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