Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Brown, "Pominville ran into his elbow"

I am not a Dustin Brown hater by any stretch of the imagination, he's a good American players, but when you make a mistake you own up to and you move on. These comments that he made about his elbow on Jason Pominville are laughable, if not insulting.
Helene Elliott and Lisa Dillman, Los Angeles Times – Obviously we were disappointed in the decision, quite honest," Sutter told The Times. "Because it was exactly what Brownie says is exactly what happened. There was no intention, or leading. When you’re playing your wrong side, you protect the puck on that side of the ice. That’s what you do, you keep two hands on your stick.

"His elbow was up. Pominville ran into his elbow. Brownie wasn’t intentionally looking for somebody or looking for the players’ head. But the other side of it, it’s elbow-head contact.”
Does Dustin Brown expect us to believe that? Seriously? It's not very hard to see what your intent was, that was a chicken wing elbow, Brown meant to make contact with the head of his opponent.

Moving forward, I am glad that Brendan Shanahan and the National Hockey League’s Department of Player Safety had the stones to suspend Brown for this hit. I expect any player to be suspended for these kind of hits, because these are the types of hits, that the NHL is trying to eliminate from the game of hockey. Regardless of who is doing them.

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