Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wisconsin sophomore goalie Joel Rumpel throws his stick makes save

Wisconsin sophomore goalie Joel Rumpel made this miraculous save on the Huskies forward Jimmy Murray at the 02:05 mark of the first period that prevented the Huskies from taking an early 2-1 lead. From there the Huskies never did get the lead and the Badgers would win the game 4-1.

Some thought that Rumpel should have actually gotten a penalty for throwing his goalie stick.

After the game the sophomore goalie was asked if he has thrown his stick at the puck. “It was a weird play,” Rumpel said. “I made the first save and then went to come across the crease and the stick got knocked out of my hands and it squirted wide,” Rumpel said. Yeah, okay.
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