Sunday, February 03, 2013

UND vs. UW goals and Jefferson Dahl dive

Here is the video from UND's four goals last night. All of UND's last night were a direct result of them going to the net hard and beating the Badgers to the puck. UND took the Badgers to the woodshed last night, I thought defensively, North Dakota gave the Bagers little.

I thought UND was the better team for most of the weekend. I would give Badgers goalie Landon Peterson some credit, he's definitely a shut down goaltender, with the Badgers defensive systems they are going to be hard to get pucks past.

I included video of the Dan Senkbeil and Jefferson Dahl, if you watch Dahl he crumples up like he has been shot. I am not saying that it didn't hurt, but really... Senkbeil didn't hit him that hard. Ryan Kessler would be proud of Dahl.

All weekend long, the Badgers were doing their best Vancouver Canucks impersonation. I included the video where you see Andrew MacWillam show his disgust with the Badger player that dove to the ice.

*In no way am I saying UND players have never dove, I am not saying they don't on occasion, but I have rarely seen it happen this year. I know Andy Johnson thought Rocco Grimaldi embellished during the overtime period of Friday's game but unfortunately, I don't have any video to go back and look at.

I can think of two instances last year where Ben Blood embellished to draw a penalty. I am saying that embellishment and diving is way out of hand in the WCHA and college hockey right now. I think it's poor sportsmanship.
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