Sunday, January 06, 2013

(Video) Highlights from the weekend. UND vs. HC

Here is the video from this weekend's games between the University of North Dakota and the Holy Cross Crusaders.

Danny Kristo is the leading active NCAA player with (52g-82a—134pts). After the game last night, Kristo was upset with his play and his line mates play as well. “Personally, I think our line was very below average for the game,” Kristo said. “I thought that all three of us were below average and didn’t play very well. But I guess we scored two big goals in the third period to help us contribute to the win. So that’s a positive you know. Big time players like that got to step up and be better in a 60 minute period so.” If last night was a bad game for Kristo and their line mates, the rest of the league is in big trouble.

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