Monday, January 07, 2013

Updated National College Hockey Television Schedule

Here is the updated National College Hockey television schedule for the next two weekends.  With the NHL lockout being over – NHL hockey will once again be on the television. Some hockey fans will chose not to watch the NHL; once the games are “finally” back on television again.
Keeping with the theme, that hockey fans have options, you can see that there are quite a few college hockey games, this week starting on Tuesday night, there are two high profile games.   Check your local cable listing, if you have DirecTV, you will need to have a package that includes the sports package.
On this schedule all time are Central Standard Time.
Tue.Jan. 8Bowling Green at MichiganBTN6:30 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Tue.Jan. 8Notre Dame at MinnesotaFS North +7:00 p.m.657
Wed.Jan. 9Harvard at BUNBC Sports Net.6:00 p.m.220 / 159
Fri.Jan. 11Colorado College at UNDFCS/Midco7:37 p.m.TBD
Fri.Jan. 11New Hampshire at Boston CollegeNESN6:00 p.m.628 / 434
Fri.Jan. 11Union at PrincetonNBC Sports Net.6:00 p.m.220 / 159
Fri.Jan. 11Alaska Anchorage at MinnesotaBTN7:00 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Fri.Jan. 11Nebraska-Omaha at DenverNBC Sports Net.8:37 p.m.220 / 159
Sat.Jan. 12Army at Air ForceCBS Sports Net.6:00 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Sat.Jan. 12Colorado College at UNDFCS/Midco7:07 p.m.TBD
Sat.Jan. 12Alaska at MichiganFS Detroit +6:30 p.m.664 / TBD
Sat.Jan. 12Alaska Anchorage at MinnesotaFS North7:07 p.m.668 / 436
Sat.Jan. 12Nebraska-Omaha at DenverROOT Sports8:00 p.m.683 / 414
Fri.Jan. 18Northeastern at Boston UniversityNESN6:00 p.m.628 / 434
Fri.Jan. 18Miami at WisconsinBTN7:00 p.m.610/  439
Fri.Jan. 18Harvard at YaleNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.220 / 159
Fri.Jan. 18Ferris State at Michigan StateFS Detroit6:00 p.m.663 / 430
Fri.Jan. 18North Dakota at MinnesotaFS North7:00 p.m.668 / 436
Sat.Jan. 19North Dakota at MinnesotaFS North5:00 p.m.668 / 436
Sat.Jan. 19Alaska at Notre DameCBS Sports Net6:05 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Originally posted at the Hockey Writers - Combine