Sunday, January 13, 2013

UND vs. Minnesota Week... It's on... Let the fun begin...

It's here and it's on... This will be the final WCHA series between the two teams, before they go their separate ways. So after this season, there will be no more after regular season games, for at least four years. I wouldn't be surprised it that last longer.

If UND plays Minnesota during the next four seasons it will be during the NCAA tourney. So I expect there will be some pleasantries exchanged this weekend.

This is one of my favorite memories of recent time. I still think they should call that famous corner Wehrs Corner like some have suggest. I wonder if Kevin Wehr still has night mares of that corner.

I still giggle when I hear Frank Mazzocco say, "This Fighting Sioux teams is bringing some old time hockey back to the WCHA." Also, in retrospect, I think Woog and Mazzocco are better than the current Gopher television announcers that are employed by FSN. I never thought I would say this but I think it's true.

Don't leave the arena early after the last game, there still could be some fire works in the hand shake line as well. I am kind of sad this is the last regulars season between the two teams. I also think that it's sad that he two schools are going to let this historic rivalry cool off. In my opinion, there is no reason for the two teams not to play.

I like many UND fans would love to see the two team meet every year.
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