Monday, January 14, 2013

A few things... UMN vs. UND

For whatever reason, there is a lot of negative energy this week, perusing Sioux Sports, that sight has become toxic, you'd think that UND has no chance of taking any points. You would also think that UND is a bunch of talentless, good for nothing, hacks. I don't get it, you'd think that UND is also having a horrible and sub par season, and that is just not the case.

UND is currently tied for 6th in the Pairwise, they've played the 4th toughest schedule to date and lost one game in the previous eight games and are 8-2-0 the last 10 games. UND's offense is 6th in the nation and their defense is 20th over-all.

What gives?

Let's not forget that UND is 1 point out of first in the WCHA and has two games in hand.

Here's the UND vs. UMN tail of the tape.

Finally, UND's record against the Gophers during the last 15 games; 6-7-2. Since taking over as coach of UND, Coach Hakstol has a 17-13 record against the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

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