Friday, December 28, 2012

Slovakia's Tomas Mikus pounded in the head by Canada's J.C. Lipon

Apparently this hit by Canada's J.C. Lipon on Tomas Mikus will get an extra look by the International Ice Hockey Federation and there is a chance that Lipon could face supplementary punishment. That would be a big loss for the Canadians since they are already short handed with the loss of Boone Jenner who was suspended for three games by the IIHF. apparently, Mikus was none too happy with J.C. Lipon.
“In my eyes the two hits were dirty. It’s not good in the world championships. We accept clear hits but the hands were too high. Really dirty,” said Tomas Mikus, who was on the receiving end of a first period hit by J.C. Lipon.
It will be interesting to see if Lipon does in fact get suspended by the IIHF and if he does, for how long? Former NHL Official Dan Marouelli and WCHA Assistant to the Commissioner Jeff Sauer will be conducting Lipon's Disciplinary hearing. If Lipon is suspended Canada will be down for 11 forwards during the USA and Canada game.

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