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Are the various leagues going to share officials?

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Someone had this article posted on USCHO.

Seeing this article makes my stomach turn when I read this misguided propaganda from the WCHA commissioner.

My first reaction, no thanks and next. Let the WCHA keep their current crew band of bumbling buffoons of referees. I like many NCHC fans, would like to start out new with a different set of officials that aren't currently referring games in the WCHA.I have had a few people tell me that they would like to see a Shepherd free NCHC and I agree with this thought process.
Danny Martin; --- Regarding on-ice officials, McLeod said the revamped WCHA plans to have a core of officials but are planning to propose sharing officials among other leagues.

“We’re going to try to have a minimum number of games that they have to commit to the WCHA, but we’re trying to allow them to work other leagues, too,” he said.

McLeod said the revamped WCHA also will be taking into consideration an NCAA rule that once an official has worked 15 games in a league, he is committed to that league.

“You cannot officiate those games (in other leagues) from a neutrality standpoint,” he said. “We’re really conscious of a lot of those things. We want to have our core group of officials, but there will be hopefully some sharing of officials.”
There are very few officials that I would like to see in the NCHC that are currently working in the WCHA, Butch Mousseaux is one that comes to mind that I would like to see in the NCHC. Mousseaux is one of the more liked officials in the WCHA. My biggest disappointment is that the NCHC hired Don Adam to be their head of officials. This season, Adam has been paired with WCHA official Tim Walsh.

This is a perfect opportunity to start fresh and hire new officials instead of re-using officials currently in the WCHA. If anything, I would recommend that the NCHC brass reject this idea.
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