Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tweet(s) of the day... Doom and gloom

This is the tweet of the day in my opinion. It's also sad because I do believe that there is definitely going to be a lockout. This afternoon, the NHLPA turned down the owner's latest proposal.

It does sound like this time that the owners did give in a little bit in their latest proposal to the NHLPA - yet the owners are still asking for quite a bit give back by the players.
Under the owners' new six-year phase-in proposal, players would receive 49% next season, and end up with 47% in the sixth year. In immediate terms, players would receive a roughly 9% decrease in salary next season. In the league's previous proposal, the first year loss was pegged at 19%. According to the league's numbers, this proposal is asking for $275 million less in concessions than owners asked for in their last proposal. [Kevin Allen, USA Today]
So it's looks like there is going to be an unprecedented third work stoppage under Gary Bettman. I don't think that history is going to look very favorably on Gary Bettman... I believe that Gary Bettman is one of the more polarizing figures of our time when it comes to sports figures.

I think we can now start referring to Gary Bettman as the lockout commissioner. Also, the mood is starting to get even more toxic as people are beginning to realize there basically is no chance a lockout is going to be avoided it appears that the owners aren't moving very far from their two previous proposals makes me think that they're not going to move very far.

I am wondering what the split will finally end up being when the next CBA is agreed to by the NHL players and the NHL owners? Kind of looks like the owners are trying to get a 50/50 split with the players like the other professional leagues do.

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