Monday, May 21, 2012

Zach Parise hit on Michael Del Zotto

This is the hit by New Jersey Devils forward Zach Parise on New York Rangers defenseman Michael Del Zotto that the Rangers head coach John Tortorella took issue with - the video is not very good and the hit in question would be the hit in the left corner at the 7-8 second mark of the video.

It would appear from all of the talk between game three and four, that this series is beginning to heat up and get even more nastier, if that is even possible, the two teams started a game off back in March 19th, 2012 by dropping the gloves on the opening face off and having an old fashion Donny Brook.

Ranger fans will be happy to know that the slow footed Ranger defenseman Stu Bickel will be in for Brandon Prust who is sitting out the game on suspension tonight.

My final question is: does the Rangers head coach John Tortorella have a case? Was the hit by  Parise's on Del Zotto in the corner a dirty that hit? Is this hit worthy of Parise sitting out a one game  suspension?
Larry Brooks, New York Post --- “You can sense the hatred building from the last game, especially with some of the big hits,” Michael Del Zotto told The Post after coming off the ice from yesterday’s optional skate at the Garden. “It feels like there’s something building.”

There were three incidents involving hits to the head in Saturday’s Game 3, but only one gained notice enough to be reviewed by the NHL after it had been replayed multiple times on the NBC telecast of the Rangers’ 3-0 victory. That was Prust’s elbow.

That was followed by Saturday’s post-game press conference in which Devils coach Pete DeBoer matter-of-factly labeled the incident, “Headhunting, plain and simple.”

What was plain and simple is the unpenalized Prust elbow at 2:38 of the second period came between the unpenalized Dainius Zubrus right elbow to Anton Stralman’s face that drew blood at 8:00 of the first period and the unpenalized leap from behind by Zach Parise onto Michael Del Zotto’s head when the Blueshirts defenseman was in pursuit of the puck with 6:22 remaining in the third period.
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