Thursday, April 05, 2012

More Potential Departures...including Coaches (RW77)

Brad Schlossman has stated that Aaron Dell is likely to sign. There have been tweets that suggest that there may be up to 3 more early departures. We know that MacWilliam and Rowney aren't the other 2.

I also doubt Rodwell and Grimaldi will bolt. For Grimaldi it would be ridiculous...unless he's bolting for an entry contract and assignment to Major Juniors (ala BC's Adam Pineault a few years back) but... that would suprise me. I'm pretty certain that one of the two is Danny Kristo. However, I think the third is just a rumor.

As for Dell, the Montreal Canadiens were trying to sign him after last season but I doubt they're in the mix now thanks to GM being fired. Best bet is Calgary, but I wouldn't count out Winipeg.

In either case, it would solve a lot of the conjecture as to what happens to Tate Maris.

And in other news:

Schlossman reports Cary Eades is a candidate for the Mankato job. This isn't a surprise as I'm sure Eades has been a candidate in several head coach gigs since he came back to UND. It would not surprise me if Eades bolts for Mankato either. Mankato plays gritty...which is Eades' forte. Eades' hire may also keep the higher profile recruits they have from bolting.

As for UND, it would be interesting to see what direction they go. Will they promote Dane Jackson to Associate Head Coach and hire an Assistant or will they hire an Associate Head Coach and keep Dane where he is?

If Dane gets promoted, it would not surprise me to see the Assistant position go to... Karl Goehring. He's already working with the team and has done a decent job.

Or... what about Scott Koberinski? He's been helping UND since I was at UND it seems like... (circa 2002 or so). Koberinski has head coaching experience in the USHL.

John Marks and Steve Johnson will pop up. However, the question would be: Would Steve take a lateral job change especially since UND turned him away twice. I'd hope so as I'd love to see Steve back as a coach.

They could go out of left field and hire Tom Ward out of Shattuck? He has WCHA coaching experience, though with the hated Gophers...

In the end, Eades isn't going to stick around forever. And he is destined for a head coaching gig. I think Mankato would be a good gig if he wants it. That being said, I hope he stays.