Sunday, April 29, 2012

Coyotes staying in Phoenix?

Phoenix Coyotes
Phoenix Coyotes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For those that think the Coyotes might end up in Quebec City or somewhere else. Think again, it looks like the Coyotes might be staying in Glendale AZ.
Lisa Halverstadt, AZCENTRAL.COM --- This comes at a time when the city has seen its reserves depleted and faces a $35 million shortfall in next year's operating budget. As fans celebrated the Coyotes' most successful season in Arizona, four of seven Glendale council members directed staff to move forward with a deal that could include the city paying a future Coyotes owner $17 million next year to manage the city-owned arena. Any negotiated deal would have to return to the council for a formal vote. Beasley previously said he expected such a deal by the end of the month. The team's on-ice success and former San Jose Sharks President Greg Jamison's bid to buy the team have buoyed hopes that a deal to keep the team will finally get done. City staff say Jamison's reported 20-year deal would be crucial for Glendale, which counts on hockey visitors to generate sales-tax revenue that helps pay its arena debt. It's not the deal the city originally envisioned.
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