Monday, April 16, 2012

Classic Don Cherry

Some good stuff here, by Don Cherry in the Coach's Corner.  I think he is right, it's the reporters and the pundits that are on the clean up the game of hockey band wagon, I like the playoffs this season, they have been very exciting and filled with drama. We have fans complaining about legal hits and begging suspensions and penalties when one isn't appropriate.
"You read in the papers about the reporters, that the things are going wrong in the National Hockey League, how bad they are," Don Cherry Said.

"Well first off all, the fans love it, go ahead and show it, the fans love it who pay the money. Now watch the crowd in the back ground, these guys pay the money. The players don't seem to mind it, the coaches don't seem to mind it, the players like it.

So who is that doesn't the fights and the banging around? It's the reporters that get in free and if they are going to start listening to these people they are nuts."

"This stuff has been going on in the playoffs for a long time," Cherry added. "I know a lot of you people don't realize it..."

"Quite whining that this stuff hasn't been going on and it's not hockey, it's hockey the way it's played and if you don't like it take up tennis, Cherry added. I can see these guys playing tennis these reporters, that's sweet love in their little white shorts."
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