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Goon's predictions for the Final Five

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I thought I would dust off an old post and see how I did. My prediction unfolded just like I predicted. I would rather be lucky than good. I was also called a homer by one poster. 

Thu 03/15/12 - Quarter Finals
Michigan Tech vs Denver 2:07 p.m. CT WCHA Final Five Quarterfinal (St. Paul, MN)
St. Cloud State vs North Dakota 7:07 p.m. CT WCHA Final Five Quarterfinal (St. Paul, MN)

Fri 03/16/12 - Semi Finals
Denver vs Minnesota Duluth 2:07 p.m. CT WCHA Final Five Semifinal (St. Paul, MN)
North Dakota vs Minnesota 7:07 p.m. CT WCHA Final Five Semifinal (St. Paul, MN)

Sat 03/17/2012 - Championship

DU vs. UND 7:07 p.m. CT WCHA Final Five Semifinal (St. Paul, MN)

Last Week 12-4 Record for the season 154 - 93

Broadmoor Trophy - WCHA Playoff Champions
2000-01 St. Cloud State
2001-02 Denver
2002-03 Minnesota
2003-04 Minnesota
2004-05 Denver

2005-06 North Dakota
2006-07 Minnesota

2007-08 Denver
2008-09 Minnesota Duluth
2009-10 North Dakota

2010-11 North Dakota
2011-12 ?

MacNaughton Cup
2000-01 North Dakota
2001-02 Denver
2002-03 Colorado College
2003-04 North Dakota
2004-05 Colorado College/Denver
2005-06 Minnesota
2006-07 Minnesota
2007-08 Colorado College
2008-09 North Dakota
2009-10 Denver
2010-11 North Dakota
2011-12 Minnesota

Bolded teams won both the MacNaughton and Broadmoor Trophy.

As you can see I have picked the Fighting Sioux to repeat the champions of the Red Baron WCHA Final Five. Before you jump down my throat, read this.

Since Fighting Sioux head coach Dave took over the Fighting Sioux in 2004-05 the Fighting Sioux have gone 38-14 in the playoff s (WCHA and NCAA combined). Coach Hakstol has 13 more wins than the next-closest WCHA School.  Under coach Hakstol, the Fighting Sioux are 16-3 in the first round of the WCHA playoffs.

The Fighting Sioux have also not lost a WCHA first round playoff series.

Including the WCHA Final Five games, The Fighting Sioux are 27-8 in the WCHA Playoff s under coach Hakstol. Statistics according to @UNDSID.

From 2008-2010 the MacNaughton Cup champion lost all of their games in the NCAA playoffs and all of their games at the Red Baron WCHA Final Five.
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