Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Double J of WTBX is our dirt bag of the week...

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First off where do we start? This guy is a buffoon. Seriously!!! I have been to Hibbing Minnesota, the place is a run down industrial town that is famous for  what, open pit mines and Iron Orr... I would take Grand Forks, ND over that dump any day.

Also, the Fighting Sioux have 7 NCAA titles and 15 Regulars Season Championships. For the people like me that aren't good at math; the University of North Dakota has more NCAA titles than all of the Division I schools in the state of Minnesota combined.

"Why am I being so hard on the UND fans? Simple, YOU ARE THE WORST! You are the Packer fans of college hockey! Keep your mulleted, dead gopher tossing 5xl jersey wearing selves out of our state. Quit trying to pretend you have any sort of pride in your hockey program! What you think North Dakota is any sort of hockey hotbed? Really, get a lot of recruits out of NoDak do ya? You do realize that your roster, year after year is comprised mainly of Minnesotans...Minnesotans who weren't good enough, smart enough or for legal reason able to play for one of our state schools! Yeah they are still hockey players, just too bad they have to wear the green and black!"
The most moronic comment of this guys rant is the comment about our Minnesota Players... So I guess that Danny Kristo, Nick Mattson, Derek Forbort Ben Blood, Joe Gleason and  Brock Nelson aren't good enough to play at the University of Minnesota or the other states schools. Yeah, Right. To take a quote from Forrest Gump, "stupid is that stupid does." 

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