Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wisconsin loses to Tech on questionable goal

First off props to Michigan Tech Guide for the video. What a horrible way to lose a hockey game and you have to feel for the Wisconsin Badgers. In looking at this video, I don't know how this goal counted for the Huskies. There looks like there is definite contact behind the Wisconsin goal. I am not sure what the WCHA officials saw there?

This is a perfect example of why fans in the WCHA hold the on ice officials in contempt, this was a horrible call and this goal should have never counted and the blown call could end up causing Wisconsin home ice or a a spot in the NCAA tourney.

Apparently the Badgers were unamused by the call as well. Andy Baggot had to say about the incident.
Replays showed Pietila skated into Ramage and drove the UW captain into Peterson, who was trying to play the puck behind the net. The cage was empty when center Brett Olson fed Baker alone in the slot for the controversial winner.

It seemed that a penalty was warranted on the sequence, but referees C.J. Beaurline and Pat Britt had a different view.

"If nothing else, interference," UW coach Mike Eaves said after jawing angrily with the two officials before leaving the bench. "Judging by the sheepishness of the two young referees, they had no command of the play."
This is why the WCHA officials are looked at as a bunch of bumbling buffoons and have no respect. This also one of the reason that you will see fans of the teams that are going to the NCHC not wanting the WCHA officials reffing their games in the future. I am just hoping that the NCHC leadership will not allow WCHA officials to ref games in the new league. I would be willing to bet that the B1G isn't going to want these refs in their league as well.  
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