Friday, May 13, 2011

The morning after; Sharks and Redwings game seven

Last night I witnessed one of the more climatic ending to a game seven that I have seen in some time, the Bruins and Habs series was pretty good as well during the first round, for disclosure, I have to admit that I am a Boston Bruins fans first and foremost, second; I am an NHL hockey fan so I will watch any team, at any time play hockey on television, I have had the NHL package on cable for at least 8 season in a row. Finally, I am more of a San Jose Sharks fan than I am a Detroit Redwings fan, that being said, it was hard to take my eyes off of the television screen last night, the action in this game was fast and furious, thank God this game wasn’t a clunker by any means. We had enough clunker games in the Nashville and Vancouver series.

Finality of a Knockout game

I also think that both teams in this series were very good solid balanced hockey teams – great talent through the forward lines, good defense and very good goaltending. Special team for both clubs are very good as well it was a shame that one of these two teams had to lose.

I believe that either team could have won this game/series if the bounces had gone their way. Last night the bounces went the Sharks way and they were able to stop a three games slide. The thing that made this series very good was that both teams got up and down the ice and the games were played at a fast pace, when one team got a few good scoring chances, the other would counter attacked very well in response.

Last night I thought the Sharks started the game the way they wanted, they got a two goal lead one off a very bad turnover and they limited the Redwings time and space. The Sharkswere very fast through the neutral zone and were generating offensive opportunities from the Redwings miscues and untimely turnovers.

It was a shame that one of these teams had to lose but that's hockey and I always love watching the teams at the end of a series shake hands and wish the other team well. It’s very interesting to watch the hand shake because both of these teams got after it during this series it was a very heated and contested series, unlike the later games of the Bruins and Flyers.

Pavel Datsyuk is awesome

After watching the Redwings the last couple of season I have to say that Pavel Datsyuk is currently one of the best two way players in the NHL and I would love to seem him on my favorite NHL (X2) teams. It was revealed that Datsyuk had an injured wrist and wasn’t taking faceoffs but still managed to score (2g-7a-9pts) and 8+ in seven games. If the Redwings had advanced to the finals I believe that Pavel Datsyuk would have been a very good candidate for the Conn Smythe Trophy winner.