Thursday, April 21, 2011

Martin Erat blown up by Jarkko Ruutu...

Jarkko Ruutu’s hit on Martin Erat is going to get some scrutiny from the NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell. Enough is enough someone needs to sit the rest of the playoffs, eliminate them from the game for the rest of the playoffs.

Every night there is another incident that involves another player head hunting an opponent. Eventually, I hate to say it; someone is going to get killed on the ice and it isn't going to be from a fight, it going to be at the should/elbow of one of these gutless pukes that some like to refer to as agitators, I call them P.O.S. they are the Matt Cooke type players that take liberties up and down the ice. These are the same buffoons that commit one of these gutless acts and then hide behind the refs and turtle when challenged to a fight. Unfortunately, none of these repeat offenders players ever seem to get caught with their heads down.

This is why we applaud players like Evander Kane when the bill comes due; this is why I stood up and cheered in my empty living room when Tie Domie knocked Ulfie Samuelsson out cold. These players never seem to pay for their transgressions and they never get what they have coming to them.