Thursday, April 28, 2011

Herald; NCAA should consider altering hockey playoff format

Brad Schlossman has an awesome article in today's Grand Forks Herald title; the NCAA should consider altering hockey playoff format. I couldn't agree more with the premise and I hope the NCAA goes that route. One snag that could keep the Fighting Sioux from hosting a best two out of three series is the Fighting Sioux nickname if the NCAA doesn't change it's policy.
Grand Forks Herald --- This afternoon, Division I hockey coaches and administrators will meet in Naples, Fla., to discuss the NCAA tournament, and they should consider a new format that was proposed at last year’s meetings.

At that time, they discussed changing the first round of the tournament to a best-of-three series in the home building of the higher seed. Then, there would be two super regionals at neutral sites (two games at each site) to determine which teams make the Frozen Four.

This is better than the current format for several reasons: It rewards teams for having good regular seasons, the games will be played in better environments and it will be more profitable for the NCAA.