Friday, April 01, 2011

Character issue, a simple search on Google would have concluded other wise.

I was surfing the net tonight and perusing Twitter tonight when I came across Elliot Olshansky’s latest Hobey Watch blog post. I am not here to pick on Elliot I like his work for the most part but a simple search on would have refuted his claim. None of this season’s Hobey Hat Trick is squeaky clean and I have come to the conclusion that all of this years Hobey Baker Hat Trick Candidates are flawed, such is life…
Hobey Watch, USCHO.COM --- Neither Cam Atkinson or Andy Miele has ever had a disciplinary issue during three or more years of college hockey. If we’re comparing these players to one another in terms of how they fit into the various Hobey criteria, then I have to say that both Atkinson and Miele have a leg up on Frattin in the character department. It’s all well and good to learn from your mistakes, but that doesn’t put you on equal footing with people who never made those mistakes in the first place.
I mean seriously we all know what Matt Frattin did... All you have to do is look it up on and you will see the lawn Mower throwing inicident, after he was arrested for DUI in Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2009 Frattin was dismissed from the Fighting Sioux hockey team.

Andy Miele had his own issues as well and he had to work on an academic issue to get into Miami.
“It was an academic issue that we needed to clear up,” Miami coach Enrico Blasi said. “Once the NCAA gave us the go-ahead, we brought him in in January. We thought he could help us make a run, which he did, and he knew he’d sacrifice a year on the back end, but it was well worth having him come in early.”

Miele made an immediate impact with the RedHawks, posting six goals and eight assists in 18 games in his shortened freshman season.
B.C. Eagle Cam Atkinson isn't squeaky clean either some might say that he had some anger management issues to work on earlier in his college career.
Thomas Atkinson, 50, and his two sons Cam Atkinson, 19, and Tommy Atkinson, 20, were arrested Aug. 19 and charged with breach of peace. According to police, the senior Atkinson was driving and attempting to make a left-hand turn from Sheephill Road onto East Putnam Avenue when he was cut off by three teens on bicycles. Atkinson reportedly began exchanging profanities with one of the teens as they all rode onto East Putnam Avenue. When they all reached the McDonald’s parking lot in Riverside, Atkinson reportedly contacted his sons, Cam and Tommy, and they responded to the scene to confront the teens. The two younger Atkinsons allegedly began kicking and punching the boy who had gotten into the argument with their father, injuring the boy’s forehead. Cam and Tommy Atkinson were also charged with third degree assault. The men were released on promises to appear and are due in court Aug. 27.