Thursday, July 01, 2010

Matt Cullen to the Wild?

This move makes a lot of sense to me. It would appear that the Minnesota Wild are interested in signing former SCSU star and UFA Matt Cullen, according to an article in today's Red Star and Sickle.
Maybe three times will be a charm for the Wild and Matt Cullen.

For the third time in Cullen's career, he will become a free agent when the clock strikes 11 Thursday morning. For the third time in Cullen's career, the Wild -- in need of a center -- is expected to pursue him.

The Wild couldn't lasso him the previous two times, but the team might have a better chance this go-around.

"To be honest, at the point I was at four years ago, I don't think I could have handled playing in Minnesota," said Cullen, a former St. Cloud State standout who played in three consecutive boys' hockey state tournaments with Moorhead in the '90s. "But just growing and maturing as a person and a player, to the point of having a young family now, I think I'm at a good spot where I can handle it and excel there.
This is a move that I believe makes sense for the Wild. 1.) It gives the Wild a home grown kid on the Wild from the State of Hockey. 2.) Fills a needs in the offensive zone, for the Minnesota Wild are offensively challenged. 3.) It probably wouldn’t cost the Wild all that much and Cullen is a good two way center that plays both ends of the ice. You also can’t discount that he won a Stanley Cup with the Carolina Hurricanes.
BallHype: hype it up!


  1. He'd be a good offensive addition to the checking line.

    If he was a center, he'd be great on the Koivu line. Like what they tried to do with Walz except Walz couldn't score unless the opposing goaltender was too busy playing Sodoku or ogling women in the stands to pay attention to what's going on in the game.


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