Wednesday, June 09, 2010

New York Rangers sign Wisconsin forward Derek Stepan

Yikes that didn't take long.
The Post has learned that Derek Stepan, the Rangers' second-round (51st overall) selection in the 2008 Entry Draft, has agreed to terms on a contract that, per the collective bargaining agreement, cannot be registered with the NHL until July 1. It will be a three-year Entry Level deal expected to be close to the $875,000 base salary cap.

Stepan, who will turn 20 a week from Friday, was captain of the Team USA World Junior Championship gold-medal winners this January. Used in a defensive and checking role through much of his college career, Stepan was an offensive force in the tournament for the United States, recording 14 points (4-10) in seven games. He had 54 points (12-42) as a sophomore for the Badgers, who lost the NCAA final to Boston College.

Stepan would have to be regarded as an extreme long shot to make the Rangers out of training camp. If he does not make the club, he's more likely to be assigned to the junior WHL Calgary Hitmen rather than the team's AHL Hartford affiliate. [New York Post]

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  1. Ok, mock me if you will but...

    This doesn't make sense to me. I know, I should be saying "YAY! UW takes ANOTHER hit!" but...

    Why would Stepan give up his NCAA eligibility for a pro contract that would put him back in juniors?

    Ok, I know about the $875k but... does anyone here doubt for a second that he'd get any less if he played out his time in Madison?

    Bolting for the pros to make the NHL team out of the gate is one thing. Even bolting and playing a year in the AHL is something similar. But bolting when ending up in the WHL is just as big a possibility?

    No offense to the WHL and CHL fans (though they'll probably take offense anyways), but when the money is an almost guarantee by staying or going, I'd rather stay in a place where you are a star on campus (especially now that all those seniors graduated as well as many of the underclassman D stars) and have little or no financial worries other than living expenses.

    I hope he makes the NHL or the AHL out of camp for his sake. Otherwise, this is a mistake on Derek's part. My two cents.

  2. Couldn't agree more and good to see there are some sensible North Dakota fans. Now if only the gophers had some of them...

    When McDonagh signs the avalanche will be complete.

  3. Redwing77 when I was posting that article I thought the same thing, when I read the thing about the WHL.

    Gandalf, I respect Wisconsin's program and they have some great fans and players. I don't honestly don't have a lot of respect for the Gopher hockey program, bunch of prima donnas. Former Badger Adam Burish is getting his name on the cup tonight. I love that guy, he is funnier than heck. CBC just interviewed him...


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