Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kevin Gorg on Don Lucia.

This is probably not something the Don Lucia Haters will want to hear. There seems to be opinion that Don Lucia should be fired. FSN personality Kevin Gorg was asked by a fan on the Paul Allen show about Don Lucia's job status.

[Click to listen to the Paul Allen podcast] @1503 minutes left in the postcast. 
Fan Question: Is Don Lucia done if his team doesn’t make the final five

Gorg’s reply: That’s his call; my take has alway been 100 percent that when Don Lucia wants to leave the University of Minnesota, Don Lucia will, he will not be fired, that will be his call. 
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  1. Kevin Gorg has worked his way sideways from incompetency at Canterbury Park, where his handicapping analysis is a bad joke, to somehow ingratiate himself with the hockey industry and put his lack of knowledge and perception to use in the media covering that activity. The guy's a boob.

  2. AGREED! How Gorg got to where he is is beyond me, the guy is an idiot. Never does his research so half the time the things he says on air are a laugh. He's buddys with PA, that is the ONLY reason he has an in with anything I think. Listening to him on Gopher broadcasts is downright PAINFUL!

    His opinion on Lucia could not be more wrong if you ask me. The fans, the alumni, and the university expect more....way more than what has happened the last 2.5 years, Lucia needs to be held accountable at some point. They had no problem getting rid of Wooger after two poor season, don't know why it would be different with Lucia....although paying out his contract would be the tough part as big of a hole as the U is in right now.

  3. Gorg does have connections with the hockey world and I think he does an alright job analyzing hockey.

    Also the problem is the contracts of Mason and former basketball coach Munson. If they fire the Don they have to eat his contract as well.

  4. I lost the remnants of the remaining respect I had for Gorg last year (or teh year before) when he made a not overly nuanced joke about masturbation on the air; while smirking (of course).

    I was glad my kids were too young to get the low quality, gutter level, double-entendre.

  5. This is refreshing, I was hoping people other than Badger fans realized Gorg is one of the dumbest people to ever exist on the planet.

    FSN minnesota would do the world a service (if they have to keep him on) by putting a bag over his head. Not only is he stupid, he is stupid looking.

  6. I am actually trying to figure out why Minneostans hate one of their own so bad. Gorg is from Burnsville and is a Division three woman coach. Works for the Wild Broadcasts and seems to know his hockey so well.

  7. Goon,

    Would you like to have to explain a Kevin Gorg masturbation joke to a young teen old enough to get the joke while watching a Wild game? My kids were just young enough that it went over their heads when he said it. It was exceedingly unprofessional.

    ...I could give rat's *ss where he is from. Having said that, he certainly does not do his state proud.

  8. Gandalf, Hugely uncalled for remark on Gorg.

    Should I assume you are a rare visual gift to the women (or men?) of the world?

    Why don't you publish a picture of yourself so Gorg can take it to a plastic surgeon. Sheesh...

  9. I don't think Gorg is that bad. It certainly could be a whole lot worse, that's for sure (aka Mazzaco and Woog anyone?). As for the status of Don Lucia, he is totally right - Lucia will lose his job as the head coach of the Gophers only when he wants to. As to when that will happen, only he knows. Remember, he did coach his team to some pretty darn dominant squads only 5+ years ago.

  10. Two losing seasons weren't the immediate cause of Woog's demise, it was loaning money to Chris McAlpine. Finishing down in the pack probably didn't help but Woog did what the local hockey moms wanted, which was to recruit and play kids out of the the Twin City area. He kind of got left at the gate in signing up players that were playing juniors, too, a trend he didn't pick up on right away.

  11. Lighten up Charlie.

    You take yourself way too seriously.

    I'll rubber stamp your forehead w/ a sarcasm stamp from now on.

    Good to know there is someone trolling blogs bringing the appropriate amount of conscience to the rest of us uncivilized hacks.

  12. Lighten up? Ah... I'm the one making the joke, pal.

    There's no way around the fact your comment is rude and not something you would say to his face (unless you're more of an *ss live than you are behind your nom de plume).

    So, suggesting that you used bad etiquette by making fun of somebody's appearance is equated with one taking himself to seriously? That's a new one!

    Awaiting your clever comeback...

    Be an *ss to me since I ruffled your (somewhat delicate) feathers, but why be one to Gorg?


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