Friday, June 12, 2009

UNO to the WCHA?

Lets Play Hockey is reporting that Mavericks will accept the WCHA's offer to switch conferences from the CCHA. This would be good news for Bemidji State University.

UPDATE: Here is a response to the rumor that membership was tied into Blais coming to UNO.
Both Blais and Alberts unequivocally denied a Internet-blog-driven rumor that assurances of moving to the WCHA was part of Blais' contract negotiations.

"I'm not that powerful, come on," Blais said, chuckling. "No, I feel lucky to have a job sometimes. I didn't put any demands on that."

"We never broached that topic," Alberts said.

Blais said there are pros and cons to switching. [College Hockey New]

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  1. That is definately good news for Bemidji State because an 11-team league was not possible. UNO is going to struggle playing the WCHA as are the Beavers for several seasons. UNO is used to cup cake hockey and the Beavers are used to CHA hockey, aka about the same competition as a girls high school league. UNO needs to start selling more tickets at their stadium too. They've got this 15,000+ seat capacity stadium and there's only ever half the fans there. Perhaps the recent Blais hire will help.

  2. UNO did finish 6th in the country in attendance last year, to put attendance in perspective. But yes, UNO fans are ecstatic that Dean Blais is in Omaha.

  3. and just like that Hockey East is the best conference in college hockey and the WCHA is a joke

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