Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Komisarek "you must be in control of your emotions.

Former Michigan Star Mike Komisarek is public enemy #1 to Bruins and their fans but he is right. In the Stanley Cup Playoffs you have to play with controlled recklessnes, meaning you can not lose your mind. You must pick your time and place to exact revenge. Use also must use your head and don't put your team in a bad situation.
The Canadiens defenceman got a generous taste of Boston leather last Thursday, his face massaged by the gauntlets of Milan Lucic and used as a speed bag by Zdeno Chara in a boxing match that earned the Bruins captain a double minor for roughing, a great non-call in a game teeming with them.

Komisarek must play on the edge. He’s an imposing presence who must ticket the Bruins for parking – even idling – in front of the Canadiens net. He must win the battles, or at least wage ruggedly good ones, on the walls in Montreal’s zone.

“Controlled recklessness,” Komisarek called it Monday as his team set up three days of practice shop in Brossard. “You have to be in control of your emotions and intensity.”

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