Friday, March 28, 2008

Michigan happy to not have to play UND again...

JERRY S. MENDOZA/Associated Press

It sounds like the Michigan Wolverines are relieved they do not have to play UND Fighting Sioux in the first round for a third year in a row. I guess the Wolverines are tired of getting beat by the Fighting Sioux. Honesly; I could have seen Red snapping if the Sioux or the Gophers ended up in the same regional bracket as the Wolverines for third year in a row. It is not impossible for the Wolverines and Sioux to meet, the Sioux could meet the Wolverines if both teams win their next three playoff games.

The Wolverines gathered at Yost Arena on Sunday morning and let out a roar when the East Regional was announced. They were glad to be facing any team other than the North Dakota Fighting Sioux to start the tournament.

"To play Niagara in our first game is great," said senior forward Kevin Porter, "especially having to play North Dakota the past two years. They're going to be a good team, but it's nice not having to play North Dakota the first game." The Wolverines were also happy to avoid playing Wisconsin or Colorado College, lower-seeded teams that are hosting regionals this season.

"You don't want to play a team on their home ice first game, second game, whatever," Porter said. "It's nice we didn't end up in one of those brackets."

Michigan was proclaimed the favorite to win the tournament by analysts Bob Norton and Sean Ritchlin during the NCAA tournament selection show.

The kiss of death from Bob Norton, I wonder if there is any way we can get him to predict that DU is going to win the Midwest regional.


  1. Goon-
    I am pretty sure they both DID pick Denver to come out of the Madison Regional. He even commented about his "kiss of death" abilities!

    Go Sioux!

  2. Wow! Keven Porter's comment is not indicitive of a comment I would expect from an athlete representing a top seeded team in any sport.

    I view that as weakness. Those comments could come back to haunt him if the Wolverines do end up facing the Sioux in the championship game.

  3. Krangodance I a hope your right.
    I mean really they are excited not to have to play North Dakota again. Hakstol would have said something like we are happy about the challenge to play the Wolverines again.

  4. Seeing as how playing UND in the first round of the tourney would've meant the #1 overall seed playing the #3 overall seed, yeah, I'd be pretty happy about that. I'd take that as a compliment if I were you guys.

    Good luck, though. I'd like to see you guys in the title game.

  5. Peabody - the sentiment is certainly not lost on me, I'm just not used to seeing athletes use this kind of language.

    If the Colts were to lose a couple first round playoff games in a row to the Patriots, I highly doubt Manning would say something like this if the Colts got a different team in the first round the following year.

    I can appreciate showing respect for your opponent and their strength, but to straight up express your relief at not playing them? That's unusual behavior for good athletes, especially when they represent a great team, which I believe Michigan is this year.

    You're right, though, obviously there would've had to be some serious problems in the selection process for Michigan and UND to face off in the first round this year.


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