Sunday, February 03, 2008

UND Coach apologizes for Giving Don Adam the Bird

This story was just released by the Grand Forks Herald. I think it is a good move on Hakstol's part. He admits he made a mistake and I am cool with that. Let the Gophers fans whine about this all week. It was a heated game and Sioux fans know that Don Adam has a long and storied history with UND. The fact that the Sioux played with an edge Saturday night give me hope that the Sioux still have the fire to go out and compete. ----Photo shop picture included---

I think USCHO Area Reporter PCM sums it up the best: I think it's very disrespectful to UND and Robbie Bina that Adam is still reffing in the WCHA. I think it was a slap in Hak's face that the WCHA assigned this series to Adam. I think the fact that Hakstol showed more emotion on the bench than any time I've seen during his coaching career at UND is an indicator as to how he felt about it.

Hakstol apologizes for actions
Grand Forks Herald
February 03, 2008

UND men’s hockey head coach Dave Hakstol said today he is apologizing for his actions in a discussion with referee Don Adam during Saturday’s game at the University of Minnesota.

A Fox Sports North camera caught Hakstol flipping off Adam during the second period of the game.

“I would like to sincerely apologize to our fans, players and entire program, as well as all college hockey fans, the WCHA and Don Adam, for my actions during the second period of last night’s game versus the University of Minnesota,” Hakstol said. “I’m disappointed in myself for allowing my emotions and frustrations to get the better of me. I pride myself in not allowing this type of thing to occur.

“Most importantly, I am a parent before I am a coach, and I understand the responsibility that we carry as coaches within the WCHA to young hockey fans and families everywhere.

“I have evaluated and feel terrible about my actions and can assure everyone that such a thing will never happen again.”

The game ended in a 1-1 tie.


  1. Who is defensive I seeing the humor in it? I am just tired of everyone saying the Sioux are bunch of classless hack and they are no different than any other team in the league just with more penatly minutes.

  2. Brian don't forget to vote in my poll. It looking a little skewed to the side of Bickel being a hack right now. :)

  3. Hey what is the history with Adams and Sioux? I know about Bina, just do not know the other stuff.

  4. When Commodore was here UND Adam had it out for him one game big Mike took a untimely penatly that cost the Sioux the game. After the game was over word has it that Adam said to the UND "there now we are even."

    Actually I talked to someone in the know, obviously I am not going to name the guys name, said that Adam wasn't allowed to Ref UND games the rest of that season.

  5. Is it also an insult to Robbie Bina that Geoff Paukovich is still allowed to play hockey?

    Don Adam made a bad call, but he didn't personally break Bina's neck, and I think you need to move on from that.

  6. RWD your probably directing that at PCM since he was the one that said that; I was citing him.

  7. That being said i do think that Don Adam is a horse shit official. Look at the way he talks to both coaches.

  8. Not only does Stu Bickel suck as a player -- and epitomize the definition of "hack" -- if he was a bird I am certain he would be a swallow. Don Adam must have worked out some since the UNH series (where he watched the game from a zone or more away!), because I actually saw him in some live shots of game action this weekend. What a sorry excuse for an official. THIS LEAGUE DESERVES BETTER!!! Perhaps Shegos, et al. from the CCHA want to see some quality hockey being played, eh?

  9. Well, Pat may have said it, but you did say he "sums it up best," which made me believe you would have also agreed with the sentiment.

  10. I don't have a problem with Pat said so you're probably going to take issue with both of us then. Can't win them all. By the way I am still upset at the hack from the Flyers that check Bergeron into the boards.

    That being said I think the Sioux me is onto something. I think the officials in this league are Horrible and everyone is suffering from this.

  11. Goon- why is it that your precious Sioux and Hakstol seem to have some major incident in every single series they play this year?!? Of course, then when people point it out the Sioux fans blame everyone else and cry about it. Cripes...time to get some anger management and professionalism in Grand Forks.

    All this crap from your coach and players is getting old REALLY FAST.

    I tell ya, I don't know how you can support this crap.

    I have ZERO tolerence for it. It's even worse that the crap Jutts pulled at Mariucci last year...and you know how much that torked me off.


    Ok...end of rant.

    Mavs swept, so life is good here:)

  12. Amy, I kind of enjoyed the series this past weekend. I am predicting next weekend a MSU-M, UMD sweep and a DU sweep.
    I will then jinx all three teams.

    just for the record Jutts is looking like a pretty good coach right now and if the playoffs started today they would be a what 4th seed. Put me down as a fan of him as well...

  13. Dammit Goon! Don't choose my boys to sweep! Choose UAA. Come on, do it for your friend Donald!! :)

    Jutts is a punk. I still don't like him. I'm not a bandwagon type of person. I give the players credit for their wins, not him. They're the ones playing their butts off and scoring goals while running Jutt's crap plays.

    Damn need to get some new favorites. Finley, Jutts, Hakstol...cripes!!! Your taste sucks!! :)

  14. You guessed it, Hakstol and Jutts are great coaches because they play the type of hockey I like Rough and Tumble. Finley is my favorite player on the Sioux team. I hope he comes back for one more season. I would love to see him and Bickel face off...

  15. UMD will have 2 0-0 ties against Bye this week, so your prediction is pretty bold...

  16. RWD I will wait till next week then. :)


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