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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

SME Inc. it Is

The University of North Dakota has picked SME Inc. to design the Fighting Hawks Logo. SME Inc. is a company out of New York City. According to SEM's web page, they've worked with the Minnesota Wild.

Personally, I don't care who designs the Fighting Hawks logo. That being said, this very crucial time in the nickname transition. I am concerned about the Fighting Hawks logo and what it will look like.
The university’s Graphic Identity RFP Evaluation and Recommendation Team chose New York-based SME Inc. Tuesday after three firms made their pitch to design the logo. Pending final approval from UND interim President Ed Schafer, the company is expected to design the logo by this summer so the school can implement it in the fall.

“It’s an important next step, and it’s been a short but very engaged process,” said UND Athletic Director Brian Faison, who served as a co-chairman for the committee. “It’s nice to get to this point, absolutely.”

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Grand Forks Herald: Schafer says UND nickname 'solved'

Former North Dakota Governor Ed Schafer is now the University of North Dakota's interim president. Schafer will be the interim president for about six months. Of course, with a different person at the top, some have questioned whether Schafer would allow another nickname vote.

There will not be another nickname vote. Not going to happen. I think this is the right move. UND spent a bunch of money to get us this nickname.
John Hageman and Anna Burleson , Grand Forks Herald -- But Schafer didn't leave any openings for the university to revisit the nickname issue Tuesday.

"That issue has been settled," he said. "The process went through, and in my opinion, whether you like the name or not, whether you supported the Fighting Sioux or not, the reality is we're beyond that. It hindered the university for many years, and the reality is we have a stake in the ground, we have a new nickname, we're moving forward, we have a chosen nickname and we're going to make value to that name."
UND is now moving forward with the selection of a new logo and moniker. I think this is key. If UND fans are to accept the new nickname, there needs to be a logo that fans can get behind and support. I keep hearing what UND can't have. Blow the selection and design of the logo and you will do a lot of damage.

Of course, there's going to be fans that don't like the new nickname. There were so many other better options not considered for the nickname.

I don't think many of us wanted to lose the Fighting Sioux nickname, but it's gone and it's not coming back. Booing the new nickname is counter productive in my humble opinion.

If UND had remained the Fighting Sioux, there would have been no chance UND would have ever hosted a regional. UND will again host a regional next spring in the Scheels Arena.

Is Fighting Hawks the best nickname? Nope. There are like 40 other schools that are some version of Hawks in their nickname. That being said, I think that Fighting Hawks was the best of the five horrible choices.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

UND 5, UNO 1 (Video Highlights)

The University of North Dakota Fighting Hawks beat the University of Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks 5-1 to gain the series split. With the win, UND improves to 19-3-2, 10-2-0 in the NCHC.

This season, UND has given up four or more goals three times and has a 0-2-1 record. In the last 12 games, UND is 10-2-0.

In 10 games at home against UNO, UND has a 5-4-1 record.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

UAH vs. UND Game 2 Lines

UND freshman Mike Gornall makes his collegiate debut tonight. UND forward Rhett Gardner is out with an injury. Cam Johnson is looking to extend is shutout streak. Johnson needs about 97 minutes to break former Lake Superior State Laker and Boston Bruins goalie Blaine Lacher 375.01.

Friday, December 11, 2015

WHKY: Second period Shelby shuts out Badgers


The University of North Dakota spoiled Wisconsin's 18-game winning streak on Friday with a shut-out win. For the second time this season the Fighting Hawks downed the No. 1 ranked team in the country in an attempt to gain traction on the season.

UND got on the board with a power play goal from Layla Marvin during about a little a little over 12 minutes into the first. Four minutes later Vilma Tanksanen put the Hawks up 2-0 with assist from Rebekah Kolstad and Tanja Eisenschmid.

Shelby Amsley-Benzie faced a flurry of 15 shots during the second period. The Badgers dominated offensively, but weren't able to produce results in the form of goals.

“Shelby was lights out and that’s a big part of [the win]. I thought everyone contributed and played well with a lot of passion,” Head coach Brian Idalski said.

Wisconsin was also able to hold off the Hawks' offense to two shots during the second.

“You know what I told the team?” Idalski said about second period. “That’s the great thing about hockey and having three periods. As soon as it’s over, it’s done, it has no bearing. It doesn’t matter. We were good in the first. Second, we got hemmed in, we turned pucks over too much. I said, 'That’s over, let’s go back to what we were doing in the first; keep things simple, manage the game a little bit.' We did that and grinded it out in the third.”

North Dakota was able to rebound in the third period which included a second assist for Eisenschmid on the third goal of the evening by Becca Kohler.

The Fighting Hawks improved to 11-6-2 overall and 8-5-1 in the WCHA. 

Tonight's game marks Amsley-Benzie's fifth shut-out of the year. The Fighting Hawks will attempt to sweep the Badgers Saturday afternoon at 4:07 p.m. at the Ralph Engelstad Arena.  

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Blast from the Past: UND Beats DU in the 2011 Final Five

It seems like yesterday. On Saturday, March 19, 2011, at Xcel Energy Center, the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux defeated their bitter rivals the Denver Pioneers 3-2 in double overtime. With the win, UND won the WCHA playoff title and the auto bid to the 2011 NCAA tourney.

The game was tight. UND was outshot by the Pioneers, but Aaron Dell held down the fort for the Fighting Sioux. The game would go to two overtimes.

And then at the 5:11 mark of the second overtime, Matt Frattin picked up a rebound off of Chay Genoway and deposited the puck in the net. Game over!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

UND Votes: Fighting Hawks it Is.

First, I can say, not everyone is going to be happy. For a nickname that received a lot of votes, there are still a lot of unhappy people. 

Also, I am not sure why we had to wait for two more days after the vote was over  

But I digress.

Finally, After not having a nickname for three years, and after three nickname votes...In my humble opinion, the last one was unnecessary. After having a bunch of nickname meetings and committees, UND has a new nickname.  I think this was the best choice of five bad nickname choices. I think eventually we will just be the Hawks.

Total votes: 27,378
  • Fighting Hawks: 15,670 votes (57.24 percent)
  • Roughriders: 11,708 votes (42.76 percent)

Friday, October 30, 2015

(Video Highlights): UND Beats UMN 4-3


The University of North Dakota Women's team beat the No. 1 University of Minnesota 4-3. UND was led by Meghan Dufault (2g-1a—3pts) and Amy Menke (2g-0a—2pts). UND goalie Shelby Amsley-Benzie got the win in net and improved to (4-1-1).

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Down to Three Nicknames; Who Are You Voting For?

Every time I go on vacation or head to the hunting shack for some R&R, there's usually some form of breaking news. This weekend was no different. So, were playing catch up here.

Sunday, I was in transit when the nickname story broke. While I am at the shack, for the most part, I am offline, I don't normally take my computer with me. It's my time to get off the grid and do nothing. I did bring my iPad with me, but I didn't use it.

As most of you know, the University of North Dakota now has three final names to choose from. After holding a vote, the Sundogs nickname option has been added to the dustbin of history. For this, I am thankful. As we suggested, Sundogs wasn't a popular choice. Yet, it ended up being a choice for the voters to ponder.

Fighting Hawks: 6,960 votes; 31.20 percent
Roughriders: 4,687 votes; 21.01 percent
Nodaks: 4,571 votes; 20.49 percent
North Stars: 3,231 votes; 14.48 percent
Sundogs: 2,858 votes; 12.81 percent

As before, I will be voting for the nickname Fighting Hawks. No, UND won't be using the logo that some have passed around on the internet. The Chicago Blackhawks already own that logo. Second, it would probably never get past the anti-native American nickname crowd.

I am hoping that when the nickname vote is finally over, the University tasks Bennett Brien with designing UND's new logo. It would be the smart thing to do and it "could" help with the healing process.

I think Fighting Hawks the best option of three unattractive nickname choices. As a taxpayer in North Dakota, I am disappointed in the nickname choices the committee came up with. I think there were many good choices that weren't considered. That being said, I hold no ill will towards the nickname committee, they're solid people.

Finally, like my good friend Jackie, I am worn out. I am ready to move on, reluctantly, but nonetheless, I am ready to move on. I can accept any of the three remaining nicknames, but I would rather not be the UND Rough Riders, I think Rough Riders shows very little creativity. But in the grand scheme of things, it's a hell of a lot better than Sundogs, Flicker Tails, and North Stars.

In today's world, you have the right to not be offended. Eventually, someone is going to be offended by the Rough Riders nickname and we could end up back where we are right now.

Lastly, I am also tired of the fighting, finger-pointing, and name-calling among UND fans. We can't continue to be in a constant state of conflict. We're in this together.

Earlier this past month, I wrote this: and Puck Daddy quoted me.
I know I have said this 100 times. I love the Fighting Sioux nickname. I also realize that this fight should have taken place about 5-7 years ago. It seems like some have been late to the party. The Fighting Sioux nickname is gone and not coming back. If UND had refused to change the Fighting Sioux nickname, there's no way that UND would be able to host an NCAA regional.

… I am pro-Fighting Sioux nickname, I will always be. I am worn out with the argument surrounding the nickname. I am (reluctantly) ready to move on, I will vote for a nickname in October. That being said, I will always wear my Fighting Sioux gear with pride when the opportunity arises. Last Wednesday, I wore a golf shirt with the Fighting Sioux logo on it to the hockey presser. I didn't even realize I was wearing it. Just came out of the wash that way.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Goaltending Conundrum (RW77)

by Redwing77

Today, as I tediously tracked the Vermont score from the North Dakota iPhone App (I was with company and couldn't tune in), a viewer chimed in and remarked:

"Wouldn't it be interesting when Cam Johnson returns to be the third string goaltender."

I'm not sure this was tongue in cheek or serious, but let's pretend the poster was serious.

My response would be:  A-wha?

There's no doubt in my mind that Matt Hyrnkiw has played fantastically and far exceeded EVERYONE'S (except perhaps the coaches and players) expectations.  I will not take that away from him.  I hope he continues to shine (He's now helped sweep Vermont).

That being said, he was brought in as a practice goaltender.  The accurate statement would be "Wouldn't it be interesting to see the fans reaction when Matt goes from starter back to third stringer once Matej and Cam return?"

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that Johnson and Tomek are destined to be the feature goaltenders this season and Matt's career as a starter will last only until either Johnson or Tomek are once again at 100%.  After all, 3 games started does not mean a goaltending controversy... especially when the goaltenders being usurped all all injured.  This isn't Anthony Hammond usurping Robin Lehner and Craig Anderson here.  Also, wins and ties against BSU and UVM are hardly quality wins.  I'm curious how well the team would play if they were facing a lot tougher opponent... say a Denver, a UNO, or even a Miami (OH).

Like I said:  This isn't to flame Matt or berate him in any way.  It's just a plain fact.

I don't expect him to return to third stringer overnight, though.  What Matt's play DOES do for UND is allow the trainers to bring Cam and Matej back to health fully before getting them on the ice.  I wouldn't be shocked to see Matt start a game with Cam (or Matej, whomever is healthy first) as backup before ceding the starting role back to Cam or Matej (most likely Cam at this point).

Matt's a cinderella story.  A very pleasant surprise.  Surely we lucked out to have him as our #3 with the ability to step up under very unusual circumstances and step up in a big way.

Matt is destined for great things and I'm sure is living the dream as a starting goaltender for a top tier NCAA powerhouse hockey team.  But he knows his role and he'll do whatever he can to fulfill that role.

I think the overall aftermath will be that you will see Hyrnkiw more than previously as primary backup for Johnson or Tomek (with one or the other taking a turn in the press box when healthy).

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

UND Nickname Vote: Court denies request to stop UND nickname vote

The group that filed the lawsuit to stop the nickname vote has failed. I can't imagine that there can be anything thing else standing in the way of the nickname vote. And as I write this, somehow karma will find a way to screw up the nickname vote. Now, the court has spoken and wasted no time throwing out this lawsuit. What nickname do we end up with?
Anna Burleson, Grand Forks Herald – A Fargo judge has denied a request for a preliminary injunction that would have stopped the University of North Dakota's nickname vote. Court denies request to stop UND nickname vote.

Plaintiffs Lavonne Alberts, Rich Becker and William Le Caine requested in a complaint filed Thursday that the vote stop until UND or North Dakota are voting options and the state's Sioux tribes are included as eligible voters.

A judge denied the request Monday, citing a lack of evidence showing the vote would cause irreparable harm.

"We appreciate the decision of the courts," UND spokesman Peter Johnson said. "The voting process will continue, and we look forward to the results of the vote."

Becker, a Republican state representative from Grand Forks, said he had been told by legal counsel the case's hearing was short.

"We obviously will regroup and consider what our options are," he said.
I must say that I agree with Rich Becker. There really are some bad nickname choices. Some are worse than others. I also think it's silly to not vote. At least you can have a hand in voting against the less attractive nicknames. I am sure you can figure out which one on your own.
"It is so obvious these five names inspire nobody really and they're trying to make lemonade out of a lemon," Becker said. "It is what it is. We're disappointed but the sun will come up tomorrow and we'll see what we're going to do next."

Friday, October 16, 2015

Breaking News: Lawsuit filed to stop nickname vote; UND says it won't affect process

Just when you think it can't get any weirder, now a lawsuit has been filed to stop the nickname vote. No idea how this turns out, but UND is going ahead with the vote.

Per the Grand Forks Herald:
A lawsuit was filed in district court in Grand Forks Thursday in an attempt to stop UND's upcoming nickname vote, though for now the vote will continue as planned.

Plaintiffs Lavonne Alberts, Rich Becker and William Le Caine requested in their complaint that the vote be stopped and held only when UND or North Dakota is on the ballot and members of the Standing Rock and Spirit Lake Sioux tribes are allowed to participate.

UND spokesman Peter Johnson said in an email that the school is aware of what had been filed.

"The university intends to move forward with the nickname vote as planned beginning on Oct. 19 unless otherwise directed by the courts," he said.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Be on the Lookout: Link For the Nickname Vote Should be in Your Email

I got this email today. So, you'll want to check your email.

This email contains a link to cast a single vote for a nickname for the University of North Dakota.

The link is included at the end of this email.  Please read the following information first.

PLEASE RETAIN THIS EMAIL UNTIL THE VOTING PERIOD BEGINS.  You will need the link contained in this email in order to vote.

Voting begins on Monday, October 19 at 8:00 a.m. Central Time, and closes at 11:59 p.m. midnight, Central Time on Friday, October 23.

During the voting period, you will open this email and click the link, which will take you to the voting site.  You will only be able to vote once.  You will be asked to choose from the following potential nicknames:

Fighting Hawks
North Stars

Please note that the voting link will not work until 8:00 a.m. Central Time Monday, October 19, and it also will not work after the voting period closes on Friday, October 23, at 11:59 p.m. Central Time.  You must vote during this period.

If you experience technical difficulties during the voting process, please contact the helpline at 701-777-2731.

Here is your link: UND Nickname Vote
Or copy and paste the URL below into your internet browser:

Monday, October 12, 2015

William Brotherton's Go Fund Me Page

I don't know, I just don't think that Willam Brotherton will be able to stop the vote, that begins next Monday. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I predict it will fail. 

Thursday, October 01, 2015

WHKY: North Dakota opens season against the Rensselaer Engineers


The University of North Dakota women's hockey team will open its regular season on the road in upstate New York. North Dakota will face RPI in an ever-important non-conference game right out of the gate.

When playing in the WCHA, non-conference games can make or break a team's post-season hopes. This weekend is no exception and North Dakota hopes to win its first game in Troy, N.Y. this weekend. Veterans returning to this ice for the green and white understand that importance of this weekend. "We know what it's like to drop games early and, I guess, be punished for it at the end of the season," senior, forward Layla Marvin said.

Head coach Brian Idalski said that the focus is to win hockey games, but that the team needs to be patient with where its at at this stage in the season.

The last time the teams met at the Houston Field House, RPI swept North Dakota. Last season, the Engineers traveled to The Ralph for the season opener where North Dakota took the game 7-1.

Last weekend North Dakota struggled offensively in their exhibition against the University of Manitoba Bisons. The lone goal credited in the second to Anna Kiponen. The puck came off the skate of a Bisons player before entering their net. North Dakota gave all three goaltenders a workout during the exhibition.

Live stats will be available for tomorrow's game (5:00 p.m. CST) and Saturday (1:00 p.m. CST) match-up at RPI Athletics. You can also follow @UNDWHockey on Twitter for updates.

North Dakota will continue its caravan on the road through October 16th. The first home game of the season will be a Saturday afternoon match-up against the gritty, Bemidji State Beavers on October 17th.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

North Dakota Wins.... Developing

So, were told by some folks that simply being "North Dakota" isn't a popular option, and should be squashed.

Apparently, that's not the truth, at least with current UND students. Based on the results, I think that President Robert O. Kelley has no choice but to include the option North Dakota as a choice for UND's new nickname.

Per the Grand Forks Herald and Say Anything Blog:
Results released by Student Body President Matt Kopp show when asked if they wanted UND/North Dakota included in the vote, 68 percent said yes, 24 percent said no and 7 percent said they were “not sure.”

The survey was sent out Tuesday and drew 3,262 responses over the two days it was open which, using enrollment data from the 2014-2015 school year, is 22 percent of the student body.

Since the NCAA threatened sanctions and the old Fighting Sioux nickname was retired at UND in late 2012, the school has played simply using an interlocking “UND” logo, going by either UND or North Dakota.
It will be interesting to see how this turns out. Thoughts?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Grand Forks Herald Letter: Roosevelt's racism puts 'Roughriders' off-limits

I honestly don't know what to make of this Letter to the editor, but it seems we're reaching here or that we are quick to find something that offends us. 

First, I love the Fighting Sioux nickname and wore it with pride this past week in Michigan. That being said, the Fighting Sioux nickname isn't coming back. I see no way that it does. Here's the latest letter from Tom Anderson from Fargo, ND. What do you think of this? 
As a UND alumnus, I find it interesting how much faith and money UND has placed in an outside consultant. After seeing the final list of names, I conclude that the consultants should be fired for incompetence.
To forward the name "Roughriders" and any connection to Teddy Roosevelt would be a greater travesty than removing the 85-plus year tradition of the Fighting Sioux name.
Doesn't this highly paid consultant know that Roosevelt was a self-admitted white supremacist? Just look at his writings to see glaring examples; such as, "I don't go so far as to think that the only good Indian is the dead Indian, but I believe nine out of every 10 are, and I shouldn't like to inquire too closely into the case of the tenth. The most vicious cowboy has more moral principle than the average Indian."
Further examples of his racism are found in Vol. 3 of "The Winning of the West," in which he viewed American Indians as savages, unworthy of citizenship. In Roosevelt's letter known as the "race suicide letter," he wrote, any white person who did not have children was "in effect a criminal against the race." His thinking was that reproduction was the only way the white race could conquer colored races.
We can't rewrite history. We can't ignore these facts about Roosevelt—or the historical fact that in a Sacred Religious Pipe Ceremony, the Sioux Tribe gave UND the use of the name Fighting Sioux forever.
With UND President Robert Kelley leaving, this is the perfect time to take a deep breath and wait for the name change until a new president is selected. "North Dakota" is the most popular choice by the general public. Don't throw salt in our wounds by selecting a name no one wants or will support.
Tom Anderson

Friday, July 03, 2015

Mark Schuttenhelm: Tackling the nickname dilemma

My friend Mark Schuttenhelm wrote this article for today's Jamestown Sun. For those to don't know Mark, he's a great hockey mind and writes a weekly column about college hockey during the regular season. I have sat next to him in the REA press box for the last three seasons. Mark and I have had many great discussions about college hockey and about life in general.

I like what he wrote here. I think he's right, the UND nickname committee has needlessly spent a lot of money to end with these six not so great nickname choices. I don't really like any of these choices. I could tolerate one of the Hawks and Rough Riders. Like Schuttenhelm, I would rather just stay North Dakota, too.
Mark Schuttenhelmm, Jamestown Sun -- The UND nickname committee has narrowed it down to six possibilities — Green Hawks, Fighting Hawks, Nodaks, Roughriders, Sundogs, North Stars.

They're kidding us with these names, right? Unfortunately — no. Sadly, this group is said to be the cream of the crop amongst all the names submitted by the folks.

Now look, I know the nickname committee members are not being paid for this work, so I'm hesitant to rip them. And besides, they have taken on an impossible task. This is a fact I pointed out two years ago when I came out in favor of foregoing a nickname and logo and simply using North Dakota, or UND for short, and thankfully, that option does remain on the table as well.

Back in 2013, I said it was unlikely that anyone could come up with a nickname that would even approach "Fighting Sioux" on any number of levels. Likewise, creating a logo to replace the beautiful Sioux Indian head was also an impossible task.
And seriously, he's right, Sundogs sounds ridiculous, moronic and should have been removed from the nickname list a long time ago. Yet, it's still there. I hope we never have to see Home of the Sundogs.
North Dakota Hockey is succinct, dignified, and gets right to the point, namely, that we are serious about our hockey up here. Substitute any other sport at UND in place of "hockey" and the phrase works equally well. Can you imagine if the side of the Ralph said "Home of the Sundogs?"

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mike Commodore goes off on Pierre McGuire

Former NHLer and University of North Dakota defenseman Mike Commodore took to twitter to express his displeasure with Pierre McGuire. He's not alone, there are many fans that can't stand McGuire. I see a lot of NHL fans expressing their thoughts about McGuire on social media often, many of them aren't very flattering. So, what do you think of big Mike's thoughts?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

HERALD LETTER: No greatness lost as Kelley leaves (Nickname Related)

I will let this one speak for itself. 

FORT TOTTEN, N.D. — I disagree with Mike Jacobs’ assertion that UND President Robert Kelley was cheated out of greatness. You can’t “cheat” anyone out of greatness. Greatness may be ignored and/or not acknowledged, as may be the case with Kelley.

And anyone who manages to get rid of 80-year-old racist college nickname is great in most people’s books. If anyone was cheated out of greatness it was the university by the people who opposed Kelley by attempting to obstruct him from doing his job. Furthermore, UND can be great if many people there shed their 19th-century way of thinking and follow leaders like Kelley.
Erich Longie