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Sunday, February 14, 2016

DU 4, UND 1 (video)

Not a good night for the boys in green and white. Again, UND failed to cash in on their opportunities and was sloppy in the neutral zone. UND lost most of the 50/50 battles all weekend long.

I think the UND coaching staff will address the areas of concern and come out flying on Friday night against the UMD Bulldogs.

This is the first time that UND has been swept on the road since November 4-5, 2011, when UND lost to the Minnesota Gophers (0-2 L, 2-3 L). For those keeping track at home, the last time UND was swept was on November 1-2, 2013 against the St. Cloud State Huskies (2-3 L, 1-3L).

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Denver 6, North Dakota 4 (Video)

When  it's was all said and done, UND's sloppy play in their own end was one of the major reasons they lost Friday's game against Denver. That being said, it was definitely an exciting game.

Defensively, the pairing of Paul LaDue and Keaton Thompson had very rough night. I would imagine that the coaching staff will have a chat with them tomorrow at the morning skate.

Credit to Denver for playing a good game, too. They played a good 200-foot game and capitalized off of the turnovers.

Tonight, it was a poor team effort all the way around. The forward play of a few lines was not very good at all. Not the end of the world. The mistakes that were made tonight are minor. However, these numbers below should concern us all.

Bryn Chyzyk
Luke Johnson
Paul LaDue
Austin Poganski
Tucker Poolman
Keaton Thompson

Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Links

Big Ten’s Traviolia weighs in on fan frustrations, attendance, league’s future plans [USCHO.COM]

Finally, the UND hockey teams is back to full strength. [UND Hockey Blog]

The University of Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs are probably going to have to win the NCHC tourney to make the NCAA playoffs: College men’s hockey: Hard way only way left for UMD after loss to Bemidji State [Duluth News Tribune]

Bemidji State Hockey: Road trip continues with key series at Lake Superior State [Bemidji Pioneer]

Minnesota-Hockey: B1G Idiot Leads Big Ten Hockey [ Daily Gopher]

MEN’S HOCKEY: Poolman a big piece for UND [Grand Forks Herald]

WOMEN’S HOCKEY: UND’s German-born defenseman and Crookston-born forward have become inseparable [Grand Forks Herald]

UND HOCKEY: For the first time this season, UND has a full lineup available [Grand Forks Herald]

DU-UND 1994: The Last of the Great College Hockey Brawls [Let’s Go DU]

Some Pairwise news from Jim Dahl: North Dakota eyeing taking #1 from Quinnipiac, but don’t count out St. Cloud []

North Dakota Fans Begin to Arrive [Let’s Go DU]

Matt VanVoorhis grew up North Dakota fan, dreamed of playing for Denver Pioneers [Denver Post]

Breaking Down the NCHC Conference Races [SBN College Hockey]

Gophers-Ohio State men’s hockey game preview [Star Tribune]

Between the Lines: Potpourri [College Hockey News]

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Pioneers vs. Fighting Hawks, and Links

It would appear that UND freshman forward Shane Gersich is in the proverbial dog house. Tonight, the Pioneers go with Tanner Jaillet. In his last three starts, UND goalie Cam Johnson is (3-0-0, 1.74 GAA, .937 SV%).

Friday, December 04, 2015

UND vs. DU, Game 1 Lines

Game one between the Fighting Hawks and the Pioneers. For the most part, UND is healthy, Matej Tomek remains sidelined.

There's some good news for UND fans. Todd Anderson will not be reffing this game tonight.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

DU vs. UND, College Hockey's Hatfields and McCoys

I was checking out today and found few blasts from the past. This week, UND plays their heated rival, the Denver Pioneers. Ironically, this will be UND first series against the Pioneers as the Fighting Hawks. Under the new nickname, UND is 3-1-0.

While George Gwozdecky is gone, the Pioneers and the Fighting Hawks still hate each other. As of Late, the Pioneers have probably become UND's top rival. The players from both teams look forward to playing in this series.

Some will ask, why is this series so heated? Well, there have been a lot of high-stakes games between the two teams.

During the 2010-11 season, UND beat DU 3-2 (2ot) in the Final Five and then turned around and beat DU 6-1 in the NCAA regional the next weekend.  Last season, UND lost to DU in the third-place game of the Frozen Faceoff 5-1. I imagine UND might be looking for a little payback.

This is by far the oddest thing that I have ever seen happen in a college hockey game. Gwoz was thrown out of the game and then walked across the ice to talk to the officials. After being tossed from the game, Gwoz was caught in the press box communicating with the DU bench.

Lately, there hasn't been a lot of after the whistle stuff between the two teams. Honestly, I don't' think you're going to see any of the big scrums or fights after the whistle this weekend. There's way too much to lose and no-one wants to get thrown out of the game and suspended for the next game. Fighting in hockey is kind of going the way of the dodo bird.

When the Fighting Hawks play the Pioneers you will see some good up and down the ice action. Both teams have very active defense and this weekend's series should be exciting.

For some reason, on-ice official Todd Anderson has officiated a lot of the UND vs. DU series. For whatever reason, whenever he's reffed the DU vs. UND series, it has been like throwing gas on the fire. There was going to be some action on the ice.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Shot Charts After Two Periods

The shot charts after two period. Most of UND shots were from the perimeter. Not a lot of in the slot shots. s/t Stats on Crack.

UND vs. DU, Third Place Game

For UND, Johnny Simonson is out, Wade Murphy is in. Refs: Joe Sullivan and Tom Sterns. Linesmen: Sterling Egan, Justin Hills.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Officiating and what to do: A response to recent criticism and foul officiating

by Redwing77

Let me be clear on a few things:  First, I did not get to watch last weekend's series between UND and DU so I will not be specifically commenting on any plays or acts NOT embedded on this site.  Second, I know I'm a frequent commentor about the poor quality of officiating but hear me out.

Recently, Goon48 posted a story stating that NCHC Officiating has to be better.  He makes a few points, but he also states a few unrealistic solutions.  In a perfect world, is solutions would be right on and we'd not read my post, but here goes.

Clear the Bridge, DIVE DIVE DIVE!!!!

Diving has been a problem in hockey for quite some time.  It's also a problem in basketball (though in my opinion, that's because toughness is hard to come by in the NBA).  But the same issues in basketball officiating falls on hockey officials as well.  If the ref isn't going to call it, why not do it?

Your job is to provide your team with a competitive edge.  Diving becomes more enticing if you are the "little guy" as well.  If your team isn't playing so hot, or if your team, in this matchup is the "butter" and the opponent is the "hot knife," then you have to even the field somehow.  In the WCHA, Greg Shepherd quietly pushed for situational officiating to help even the field (The WCHA called it "parity").  If you flop a bit and the ref responds in your favor, then it's going to happen again until it is called or the game ends.  Whichever comes first.

And even then, it isn't black and white.  It's hard to determine the difference between being crushed in an illegal hit, or pulling an act similar to a Looney Tune character undergoing a cartoony death scene.  Some officials buffer this insecurity in the call by calling offsetting penalties.

So Goon sponsors post game punitive measures including suspensions and perhaps fines of coaches.  I'm not so sure fining coaches would be effective.  I remember how Mike Eaves (UW) had everyone convinced that Robbie Earl fell easier than most because he skates on his toes.  How would the NCHC (or B1G in the case of UW) prove that Eaves' assertion was incorrect?

Also, 1 game suspensions for something that normally would be a 2 minute minor is a bit over the top.  There are complicated solutions like banning the player for a period.  There isn't a good solution to this issue.

The best I could see would be an officiating directive issued after the game towards the following week's officials stating that X Player dove in the last contest and, should question arise as to whether diving is occurring, err on the side that diving did occur.  So, if the ref feels that it could have been diving, then it was and the penalty is called and the infraction that caused the dive is erased.  Like I said:  too complicated.

Video Review of Major Penalties

I like this, but I'd use the same rule as they do in targetting penalties in college football.  If a major penalty is called that could warrant ejection, then the replay is made and a decision is made via review.

What cannot happen is a missed call occurring and the ref going back "in time" to review the hit and making a call that way.  It makes things too messy.  Also, if that were the case, why have officials anyways.  Just have ARs to drop the puck and call icing or offsides and that's it.  Do the rest via video review.  Too much.

On-Ice Officials quality

I think that here's where I deviate the most.  I love the NHL situation room format with reviews, but the NCHC doesn't have that kind of money.  If they did, they'd have one.

I also believe that the league should be SEMI transparent.  I do not believe the league owes the fans anything in terms of explanations, but they DO owe the member institutions involved.  For the waved off goal, for example, I do not think we as fans or Goon or whomever is owed anything.  However, Hakstol does deserve an explanation.  The same goes with disciplinary action.  Hakstol could choose to divulge the results if he wants to (and so could the league) but there should not be an expectation to beyond that of "the league has taken discilinary action against those involved."

The truth is, though, on ice officials DO need to be better and with that comes paperwork.  I think evals should be filled out by coaching staffs after every weekend's matches evaluating the officials.  If complaints arise, then this is the time for them to be aired.  They can submit questionable calls (every game is recorded so they could state the circumstances and the approximate game time that the situation occurred for further review).  They can also request that the official officiate their games more often or less often.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

UND vs. DU lines - Update On Student Who Interupted Moment of Silence

No changes to the lineup from last night. I guess you really don't to screw with success.

Also, update on the student that so rudely and selfishly interrupted the moment of silence last night. He's banned from the Ralph for the rest of the season. That's a good start. He was also cited for minor in possession.

Friday, February 13, 2015

UND vs. DU weekend, Friday Morning Links

DU head coach Jim Montgomery tweeted this today on Twitter. Our thoughts and prayers go to him and his family. Per the Denver Pioneers: Dave Carle will be serving as Denver's head coach this evening following the loss of James Montgomery, Sr., 80, in Montreal this morning.

Hockey Links

North Dakota vs. Denver, A Series Preview

UND vs. DU, College Hockey’s Hatfields and McCoys

DU Pioneers' Nolan Zajac eagerly awaiting series at North Dakota

First, the Fargo West Regional is sold out, the NCAA won't need to make adjustment for attendance. Also, Michigan more than likely, will be going to the Midwest Regional in South Bend, Indiana. You can probably bet on that one. Five weeks out, and we can make some geographical swaps with regional attendance in mind

Of course they are... Right? Notre Dame Coach Jeff Jackson Denies Hockey East Exit Rumors

B.C. Interruption: NCAA Hockey Bracketology, February 12, 2015

More challenges ahead for Mavericks

Red Star and Sickle: Minnesota Duluth women's hockey coach Shannon Miller says dismissal violates Title IX

THA Schloss is predicting 5of-6 points for UND this weekend: Friday morning reading

Stoney Sioux: Friday Gameday: No Love Loss

UND Hockey Teams Feature Two Outstanding Goaltenders

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nick Mattson and Johnny Simonson are Bruisers

Someone has posted this on Sioux Sports today, actually I find it hilarious and worth sharing with ya'll. Apparently, Nick Mattson and Johnny Simonson are now considered bruisers.

Actually, in my opinion, Steph Pattyn and Andrew Andrew Panzarella are more of the bruiser type. This is the problem when you someone that doesn't cover hockey on a regular basis get relegated to the press box. With the termination of Adrian Dater, I am sure that the Denver Post had Mike Chambers covering the Avs game last night.
Nick Groke, Denver Post -- Bad blood boiled over even before the puck dropped Saturday night in the University of Denver's 3-1 loss to North Dakota. DU and UND don't have to try hard to dislike each other.

After Denver's 4-1, runaway victory the night before, North Dakota coach Dave Hakstol inserted some muscle into his lineup, perhaps hoping to push the Pioneers around. He added 185-pound defenseman Nick Mattson and freshman lefty Johnny Simonson.

But while No. 11 Denver and No. 1 North Dakota traded ill will early on, matching retribution penalties, the two new bruisers from Grand Forks put North Dakota out front.

Mattson's slap shot goal off two posts, after Simonson won the puck in the corner, set North Dakota on its way to a victory over the Pioneers at Magness Arena.

Friday, December 12, 2014

(Video) Drake Caggiula penalty - Blown Call

This is pathetic, Denver forward Daniel Doremus pulls the ole horse collars on Drake Caggiula. Of course Caggiula gets the retaliation penalty. Check out Doremus' embellishment in what would make Ryan Kessler blush. At the end watch the old wave off by head coach Dave Hakstol.

(Video) Andrew Panzarella Rocks Ty Loney and Mark MacMillan Ejected for Check from Behind

Check out the hit that UND defenseman Andrew Panzarella puts on Denver forward Ty Loney, he get absolutely rocked.

I don't know if I agree with this call or not. You do have to be careful when you're hitting another player along the wall. I think the Denver players sold it. That being said, Brad Shepherd and his reffing partner were brutal in the first period.

Friday, January 24, 2014

UND Hockey: Clarke Saunders to take Center Stage.

Coming into the weekend, there is some concern. UND lost their starting goaltender Zane Gothberg to the dreaded lower lower-body injury and will miss him for 2-to-3 weeks.

I know some of the fans are concerned about losing Gothberg, but Clarke Saudners hasn’t been all that bad in his career against Denver. What I am saying is don’t panic yet. Last season, Saunders played in 26-of-42 games last season compiling a 13-9-4 record, had a 230 GAA and a .917 save percentage.  

Obviously, Saunders numbers haven’t been that great this season (2-2-0, 3.60 GAA and a .900 save percentage), but he’s not a bad goaltender either. Saunders is a seasoned goaltender and the guys are behind him and trust him.

For his career, against DU, Sanders has a (3-2-1, 2.83 GAA, .904 SV%), with UND his record is 2-1-1. He was also 1-1 with Alabama Huntsville. When Saunders gives up 3 or fewer goals, his record is 3-0-1.

The Saunders File

With Huntsville, 01/06/2012, Beat DU 3-2 @DU

With Huntsville, 01/07/2012, Lost to DU 5-2 @DU

With UND, 2/07/2012, Tied 2-2 @UND

With UND, 2/08/2012, Beat DU 6-3 @UND

With UND, 02/22/2013, Lost to DU 4-5 @DU

With UND, 02/23/2013, Beat DU 6-1 @DU  

UND vs. DU; A Trip Down Memory Lane

Here's another video for you. Former Fighting Sioux forward Mike Prpich "cup-checks" Geoff Paukovitch of the Denver Pioneers. Former DU head coach George Gwozdecky then climbs onto the boards to give WCHA official Todd Anderson a piece of his mind. Good stuff...

Friday, September 27, 2013

UND Hockey: Both games of the UND vs. DU Hockey Series will be on DirecTV

There is some very good news for UND hockey fans. Today, while I was reading the Let’s Go DU fan blog, I came to the revelation that both hockey games will be on DirecTV when UND travels to DU on January 24 and 25, 2014. The same thing happened last season when the two teams played in Denver last February.

Game one of the two game series, between UND and DU will be on CBS Sports Network. Game two of the series, will be on ROOT Sports, Rocky Mountain.

So, if you get DirecTV and the sports pack, you will be able to watch both games. ROOT Sports Rocky Mountain HD is on DirecTV 683. Also, CBSSN is on DirecTV 221. You don’t need the sports pack to get CBSSN.
DENVER – The University of Denver Division of Athletics and Recreation and ROOT SPORTSTM announced today that the network will broadcast six regular season Denver hockey games, six men's basketball games and one women's basketball game this season. This marks the 13th consecutive year, and 20th season overall, that the network has been the official television partner of the Pioneers.

Pioneer hockey coverage begins Friday, Nov. 15 at 7:30 p.m. MT, when DU hosts Western Michigan. The Pioneers' television schedule also includes matchups against Air Force (Nov. 23), Brown (Jan. 3), St. Cloud State (Jan. 10), North Dakota (Jan. 25) and Miami (March 7).
This is good for UND hockey fans that aren’t able to travel to the games.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

UND’s Kristo Red Baron WCHA Co-Offensive Players of the Week

MADISON, Wis. – University of North Dakota forward Danny Kristo and Colorado College forward Rylan Schwartz, a pair of assistant team captains who both produced impressive numbers in league competition last weekend, have been named Red Baron® WCHA Men’s co-Offensive Players of the Week for February 27.

Kristo, a 5-11, 185-pound senior right winger from Eden Prairie, Minn., had a goal and an assist for two points in each of North Dakota’s two games at Denver on February 22-23, led his team with nine shots on goal and earned a +2 plus/minus rating. In a one-goal 5-4 loss to DU last Friday, Kristo factored in on goals that twice brought his team to within one with an assist in the second period and a shorthanded goal in the third. Then last Saturday he was named the No. 1 Star of the Game after scoring another goal and assist to help propel UND to a 6-1 victory over the host Pioneers, extending his point streak to seven games.

With 43 points (20g, 23a) on the season, Kristo has also surpassed the 150 career point plateau with his 152 leading all active NCAA Div. 1 men’s players. He is a NHL draftee of Montreal.

Schwartz, a 5-10, 196-pound senior from Wilcox, Sask., led the Tigers with a five-point series against league-leading St. Cloud State last weekend. He had a goal and two assists last Friday, including one on the game-winner, and was the No. 2 Star of the Game as Colorado College defeated the Huskies 4-3. He then scored two more goals last Saturday and was the No. 3 Star of the Game in the Tigers’ 5-2 setback. In addition to his five points, Schwartz also had four shots on goal in the series and was a +4 on the plus/minus.

Over his 146-game collegiate career, Schwartz has averaged a point per game with 53 goals, 93 assists and 146 points. He is fifth in scoring overall among WCHA players this season with 40 points (14g, 26a).

Also nominated: Sam Warning, F, UM; Jonny Brodzinski, F, SCSU; Tyler Barnes, F, UW.
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Monday, February 25, 2013

Taking a second look at the Michael Parks wrap around goal

This is one of my favorite goals in all of hockey and to pull it off, the players have to be talented, and they have to be fast on their skates, to make it happen. If you watch the play in question, it’s like a football play, where the quarterback throws the ball to a set area, and the receiver runs to that area and catches the ball, for a touchdown.

Mark MacMillan shots the puck around the Denver the net, the goalie reacts to it. Michael Parks picks up that pass, catches the goalie and the Denver defense sleeping and puts the puck in the net before the goalie can get back to his right post. 

If only the sophomore forward Michael Parks hadn’t been hurt to start the season. I just think that he's getting to his mid-season form now. Last season, Carter Rowney, Mark MacMillan and Michael Parks comprised the RPM line and they wrecked-havoc on teams. 

You have to love the expression on Denver goalie Sam Brittain, you can tell that he’s not happy with that goal. 

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

(Video) Brendan O'Donnell goal that was waved off.

You have to feel for UND forward Brendan O'Donnell. This is about as close as it gets, looks like Mitch MacMillan on the left wing, was just a step ahead. Wow!!! So, the goalies best friend is the linesman? None-the-less, close call at the blue line. I would be love to see the boys in "Green and White" hang a six spot on this goalie tonight. Luck does run out for goalies... In all of the years that I have watched hockey, I have never seen a goalie that gets as lucky as the Denver Pioneer's goalie Juho Olkinuora.
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